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Ayoshi Talukdar speaks about her character in Archie'r Gallery

Promita Bhattacharya's relationship drama Archie'r Gallery is starring Bonny and Ayoshi Talukdar

Arindam Chatterjee Published 28.02.23, 04:15 PM

Ayoshi The Telegraph

Promita Bhattacharya’s film Archie’r Gallery, starring Bonny and Ayoshi Talukdar, follows Archie, a young engineer in his late 20s, who lives in Calcutta with his father Amulya. In their house, time stands still in the romance of the ’90s. Archie too enjoys the notion of this old-school romance. Soon he falls in love with a girl, and his world goes into slow-motion mode. Archie finds his dream girl in his office, and Niharika happens to be a colleague. The film, which releases on March 10, asks the question: Does oldschool romance still stand a chance in today’s world? The Telegraph chat with Ayoshi....

A moment from the film

A moment from the film

How is the feedback from the trailer?


I am so overwhelmed. Everyone who has watched the trailer at once likes it and feels there is a freshness. My friends and family loved it, I’m so happy about it.

Why has it connected with the audience?

There is a positive vibe. It’s a simple and relatable story so I feel that is what has struck a chord with the audience.

What was your first reaction when you were approached for this film?

I love romantic films. That’s my genre. Honestly, I love watching romantic or action films. So this film is a chick flick. I was too happy to be offered a film which I can relate to.

Tell us about your character.

My character’s name is Niharika. She is a small-town girl who is welleducated and comes to the big city for work. She’s independent but deeply rooted. She is exactly like today’s modern corporate girls. She’s compassionate and very emotional. Small things attract her but sometimes small things also hurt her very deeply. Niharika is a girl next door.

What are your thoughts on oldschool romance?

It’s beautiful. I’m a believer in oldschool romance. There’s something innocent and pure about it. By doing small things, and making one feel special, the emotional bond gets much stronger that way. It is so honest.

Do you feel old-school romance still stands a chance in today’s world?

I think it varies from person to person. I’m a believer so I think there will be plenty like me too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with today’s approach to romance as long as there is purity and emotions. With time and generations, people’s mindset changes and their way of loving changes but love is love. That’s the emotion that will always be the same if you genuinely love. But yes, old-school romance can never grow old for girls like me so it definitely stands a chance in today’s time too.

Archie believes in remembering a moment, instead of capturing it on his phone.

It’s magical. Capturing the moment in your memory... isn’t it the most long-lasting way to remember someone or something? Everything that touches your soul remains in your heart forever. One can misplace a phone, laptop, hard disk or say an album. Exterior stuff for storage is temporary but by capturing it within and remembering it, it becomes forever. That’s what Archie does in the film. I think we all should try out that side in us and then we can relish every special moment in our hearts forever.

How was your shooting experience?

It was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so easy to shoot. My director Promitadi is the most adorable human being. She’s so so good and the most friendly director. It was lovely working with everyone.

How was it like working with Bonny in this film?

It was good. I’ve previously worked with Bonny as well. He’s a cooperative co-actor and working with him is always nice and comfortable. He’s a friend too so performing scenes is a lot more easier.

How was it like being directed by Promita?

It was lovely! She’s so talented. This is the first time I worked with a female director and it was great. She is so involved with the script. She exactly knows what she wants. She observes everything minutely and points it out to you. I really loved working with her. She’s fab.

What are your expectations from this film?

I am extremely positive about the film. The audience will really like it. It’s a simple love story with a feel-good factor. The film is quite relatable so audiences will connect to it. We’ve all worked so hard and after receiving very good feedback from the trailer, I genuinely feel they’ll not be disappointed.

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