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Arjun Kanungo got a packed Refinery 091 drooling and singing to his hits

On the sidelines of the gig, we caught up with the singer

By Pramita Ghosh
  • Published 19.02.20, 7:24 PM
  • Updated 20.02.20, 3:07 PM
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I am not a planned person and I like being spontaneous: Arjun Kanungo Rashbehari Das

Anniversary Mayhem with Arjun Kanungo, in association with The Telegraph, was a part of the one-year birthday celebrations of Refinery 091, the Sector V chill spot. On the sidelines of the gig, we caught up with the singer...

2020 kicked off with a big news! You are debuting on screen with Salman Khan’s Radhe

I met Salman bhai about two years ago and we had a chat at the event and he was generally asking me what I do… I said I am a singer and he said, ‘I know that song of yours, Baaki baatein peene baad and I really like it.’ Then he said, ‘I am going to give you a song in my film’ and I was like ‘great’! That time Race 3 was coming out and in the film there was a song that I sang and they shot it with Jacqueline (Fernandez) and Saqib (Saleem) but unfortunately it didn’t come out. Then he said later that he felt that I should start acting. Now, last year I had done a song, Woh baarishein and I had gone to show that to him and he said, ‘Yaar tu toh screen pe bada achha lagta hai, tujhe acting karna chahiye.’ But he had said that he didn’t want me to do a positive role but something out of the box. So I waited and then he called me last year and we started shooting in November! I was very excited but I couldn’t tell anybody initially.

Could you tell us something about your character…

(Smiles) I cannot tell you much about the character, he wanted me to do an action film rather than a regular movie…

You tweeted that Salman Khan has provided wings to your dream… tell us how Salman has been your mentor…

He is a mega star! There is only one star and that’s him! His presence is everything. Once he walks in, you can feel the presence, nobody has to say or do anything. I am learning a lot and I look up to him. Prabhudeva (director of Radhe) sir has been mentoring me more.

Coming to music, you closed 2019 with Hona chaida... what should your fans look forward to in 2020 in terms of music?

Lots! My new single, it’s already shot. Then a couple of films songs are coming up. Then, throughout the year a lot is happening and I feel it’s going to be a big year for me, touchwood.

In an earlier interview with The Telegraph you had mentioned that you love pop music. Is there any style or genre of music you would like to explore?

I think I want to focus on my music, am working on my album with a lot of songs. I want to make it a mega album.

This is your first gig in Calcutta in 2020, what should fans expect from you?

I come to Calcutta every alternate month for shows. I love Calcutta! It’s something about the city and the people are the best part, they know a lot about music and are interested in arts and it doesn’t happen everywhere. I think they like me also…

Quick 10: Arjun Kanungo
Quick 10: Arjun Kanungo The Telegraph

What is it about you that works with your fans besides your goofiness?

Ya, goofiness is one thing! I am not a planned person and I like being spontaneous. I like to be free and do what I want to do... ummm I don’t know what they like about me but I think it’s my music more than me!

A message for your Calcutta fans.

I love you guys, this is one of my favourite cities in India and I never turn down a show here. I was here just few weeks back and it had old people, young people and for the two-three minutes I realised that the people are stiff. So I went down and started talking to an uncle and asked him if he had any idea who I was. He said no! I was like no problem and then I went and introduced myself to everybody and then we had a great time.

Arjun Kanungo fans
Arjun Kanungo fans The Telegraph