Anupam Roy’s first English song gets a video

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  • Published 8.05.13

Neither for profit nor for a label, Anupam Roy is testing musical waters with a new single in English that he unveiled on YouTube on Saturday. The song is titled Second Sex where “second sex stands for the woman. One who is not born a woman, rather transforms into one”, as Anupam puts it.

With a mannequin at the centre of the visuals, the video that has already garnered 5,000-plus YouTube ‘views’ shows men and women, boys and girls taking turns to doll it up, force their opinions on and play around with in their own different ways. “We shot the video on almost zero budget at a friend’s place. The mannequin symbolises the second sex. One that everyone decides for and plays with and her voice is hushed up,” says Anupam, who appears in the video with his band.

The five-minute song fits into the distinct Brit-rock blending in with an Indian melody kind of sound that Anupam has been trying to experiment with since his second Bengali album Dwitiyo Purush.

“Singing in English doesn’t come naturally to me,” he admits, “but writing does. I also have a poetry blog. Whatever I do, the melody will always be Indian because that is eventually my forte.”

Aware that he’s just another face in the crowd trying to do his bit to condemn sexual violence and change perceptions, he says: “The idea of a woman as the second sex started playing on my mind quite naturally as I wondered why our society tends to obsess with the image of the ‘good woman’. One who never steps out of her house after 10pm, doesn’t wear revealing clothes nor smokes or drinks. And if she does, she’s susceptible to violation. My song Second Sex believes that rape is not an individual but a social act. Probably because of its direct attack on age-old and ridiculously patriarchal social norms about the chastity of a woman’s body.”