Aneek Dhar on life after Bigg Boss Bangla

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  • Published 18.09.13

Singer Aneek Dhar is easing back into normal life after snatching the Bigg Boss Bangla prize from strong contenders like Rudranil Ghosh and Koneenica Banerjee. The Jodhpur Park boy shares his ups and downs inside the house with t2...

Was your winning Bigg Boss Bangla as shocking to you as it was for us?

I am very thankful to my audience. Seriously, I didn’t expect to win. I thought Rudrada was the most deserving candidate. But I have played the game with honesty, did my tasks properly and didn’t participate in any gossip. I guess that’s why I won.

What will you do with the prize money (Rs 20,00,000)?

A part of it will be kept aside for charity. Rest I will keep it for myself! (Laughs)

On the show you’ve expressed many times that you wanted to leave the Bigg Boss house as you were homesick...

See, it’s a fact that I was missing home and Debolina (girlfriend) terribly. It’s not easy, you know, staying inside that house and I am a very restless person by nature, I get bored easily.

Which were your best moments inside the Bigg Boss house?

When my mother came to meet me. The other memorable experience was when I had to dress up like Lord Krishna and play pranks on the girls. I had a blast!

What will you gift Debolina for Durga Puja?

I will give her a white sari with red border. We have not known each other for a very long time and I missed her first birthday after our relationship. That day I felt very bad. We also plan to visit various Kali temples where Debolina had gone while I was inside the house.... I reached home on Monday and we have a grand plan for the Pujas.

Will you watch the Bigg Boss Bangla episodes on the DVD that was given to you?

Only the happy moments. Not the ones that will make me sad.

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