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Akshay Kumar's heart touching saviour role in various Bolly films, feedback from fans

Various films have been listed and made by fans who witnessed Akshay's heroic role

The Telegraph Published 28.11.23, 07:46 AM
Akshay Kumar in a moment from Airlift

Akshay Kumar in a moment from Airlift

I really loved Akshay Kumar’s role as saviour in the film Airlift.The plot is adapted from real life story of a Kuwait-based Malayali businessman Mathunny Mathews. In the film, Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) arranges for the evacuation of Indians living in Kuwait during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 by Saddam Hussein. Instead of returning to India safely with his own family, he chose to stay and help other stranded Indians.

When Iraqi soldiers threaten to kill his wife, Amrita (Nimrat Kaur), a skirmish erupts in which Ranjit finally triumphs but is gracious in victory. His behaviour gives us a lesson on how a leader should act in the face of adversity. After seeing the Indian government’s proactive attitude in rescuing its citizens, Ranjit also realises that he was wrong to think poorly of own country. The film ends with the background score Tu bhoola jise that reveals his change of heart and brings tears to our eyes. It’s a proud moment for every Indian. (Which is your favourite Akshay Kumar as saviour film?... October 7)


Sohini Raychaudhuri

Majority of Akshay Kumar’s films are centred around an ordinary Indian’s contribution towards the uplift of his society and country, of which Pad Man tops my list. Set in the backdrop of a conservative Indian society, the film narrates the journey of a young man, Laxmi, who embarks on a journey of raising awareness about menstrual hygiene, particularly among young girls and women. His sole objective was to bust irrational ideas surrounding menstruation which were deeply embedded in society. Peppered with humour and emotions, the film sharply attacks the false myths and inspires us to undertake key initiatives to transform society. From the perspective of a woman, I feel Akshay Kumar’s character was that of a real saviour, trying to eliminate taboos and addressing issues related to menstruation. His character possessed remarkable determination, ambition and perseverance, that enabled him to navigate through all challenges. The fact that his character was based on a real life individual makes it more worthy of appreciation.

Aayman Anwar Ali

My favourite Akshay Kumar as saviour film is the thriller-comedy blockbuster Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007). As a trademark Priyadarshan movie, it has a bunch of rib-tickling comedy scenes and it gives perfect horror-like thrills despite having psychological essence.

In the film Akshay Kumar plays the role of Dr. Aditya Srivastava, a psychiatrist, who cures Avni, a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder. He devises a plan by which he can relieve her of her affliction without harming her or her husband, who she wishes to take revenge upon. The film perfectly depicts Akshay Kumar as a true saviour without showcasing him as a one-man army or in a hard-core action avatar like most of the other films do.

Sikrity Ghosh

My favourite Akshay Kumar as saviour film is Airlift, the 2016 movie which is based on the massive evacuation of Indian citizens from Kuwait in 1990 after the Iraqi invasion. Akshay Kumar portrayed the character of Ranjit Katyal, a business tycoon turned samaritan, who becomes a saviour for the thousands of Indians stranded in Kuwait after Iraqi soldiers attack the city and run riot. I watched the film several times and every time the gripping story of Ranjit’s saviour act made it an engaging watch for me.

Sourish Misra

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