After Kahaani

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By POST-KAHAANI, PAMELA SINGH BHUTORIA IS ON A HIGH. AND HER INSPIRATION? MADHURI DIXIT! Saionee Chakraborty Picture by Rashbehari Das Hair and make-up: Abhijit Chanda
  • Published 21.04.12

What has Kahaani, your first Bolly film, taught you?

I realised that I did not know anything about acting! Someone like Parambrata (Chattopadhyay), who is so established, was doing his lines again and again because it was a Hindi script. The pattern… so many people working, the assistant directors running around… it’s madness. I understood that it was a lot of hard work. Acting is a serious deal!

You are also there in Mainak Bhaumik’s Maach Mishti ’N’ More...

Yes, there I play June… this independent, self-made girl who can deal with men. She is a total package. A fighter, a great girl. It was a difficult part. I rehearsed for hours on end. I called up Parno (Mittra) and Rajdeep (Gupta) for advice and help. If I have become even a little bit confident about acting, it’s because of Maach Mishti ’N’ More. Working with Mainak was an experience....

What other films are you a part of?

After Maach Mishti ’N’ More, I did Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha’s Bapi Bari Jaa where I play this glam doll. It was a guest appearance. Then I shot for Srijit’s (Mukherji) Hemlock Society. I am playing Koel’s (Mallick) friend… her agony aunt. In Jole Jongole, I play a college student, Kavita... for the first time you will see me dancing. Then there is Taan by Mukul Roychowdhury, which will be my big launch. I got the opportunity to work with Rituparna Sengupta!

In Jole Jongole, you have worked with boyfriend Rajdeep, who has been acting for some time now. Does he give you tips?

He is a lot of help, but I don’t take any tips from him! (Laughs) But he does tell me a lot of things… how to react in front of the camera. It’s been a while that we have known each other. But we are still getting to know each other. The fact that he is an actor helps. If I do a an initimate scene, he will understand.

Is this the busiest phase of your career?

No, not really. Not the busiest but the toughest. Acting is very difficult. For Jole Jongole, we shot in forests… running, falling down, getting up and running again. The show must go on. The shoot has to finish. And I am not the only one… there were 200 other people working with me. It is a huge thing.

Why did you take so long to get into acting?

I have been approached before, but I am a confused soul. For a very long time, I did not want to do films. I did not know the reason though! I was doing television. I wanted to be a host on MTV, Channel V.... I did that for a few days for a national channel. But finally, I decided on acting.... My inspiration and my heroine is Madhuri Dixit!

And who is your favourite hero?

Salman Khan. I want to dance around him. I hope it happens someday. I am crazy about him!