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A dinner with a difference at jhaal farezi

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By Text: Mohua Das Picture: Sanjoy Chattopdhyaya
  • Published 21.11.13

Madhu Neotia on Monday hosted a dinner at the restaurant-cum-cafe Jhaal Farezi for 24 social activists from the US, in Calcutta as part of the NoVo Foundation’s Move To End Violence campaign. MEV is a programme designed to strengthen leaders, organisations and ultimately work to end violence against girls and women in the United States. The campaign is supported by the Apne Aap Women Worldwide in India.

No, it wasn’t about dinner and quiet conversations but about karaoke, dancing, laughs and jokes as all 24 of the social activists and advocates from all over the US let their hair down and had an evening of “uninhibited fun” at the dinner party at Jhaal Farezi on Monday evening. It was almost a welcome release to all the “pent-up energy” after long and intense moments experienced during their two-day stint in the city — visiting red light districts and spending time with women and girls from these communities. “It came at the right time. To not be inhibited in our bodies and letting go. It was a perfect balance, like the universe knew that we needed it. It felt good to be dancing with people. Natural and so much fun!” said Monique from New York.

(L-R) Anuradha Kapoor of Swayam and Shamlu Dudeja with Debbie, a member of the Move To End Violence team.