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By Who plays who in Anjan Dutt’s Chalo let’s go... releasing next Friday
  • Published 31.05.08
Aparajita Ghosh Das: RIA

I am Ria, who is very confused with life. Ria is a bit tomboyish and she hides her identity because she thinks it will help her in some way. The one person she connects with is Churni (Ganguly), who gives her shelter. Parambrata and Rudranil like Ria, so there’s a love triangle and even more confusion. Actually, there’s a lot more to the character which I can’t reveal.

Kaushik Ganguly: ANANDO

I play Anando, a spineless character who is extremely scared of his wife Madhuja (Bidipta). It is a very interesting role.

Neel Mukherjee: RUDRASHEKHAR

I am Rudrashekhar, a bachelor who loves to travel but complains about everything and everyone. He cribs about his seat on the bus, his room in the hotel and everything else under the sun. The others dislike him for this but there’s a slow change in him.

Rudranil Ghosh: HARI

I play Hari, the lead vocalist of a Bangla band. The other members are Parambrata, Ritwick and Saswata. But after a disastrous performance, the four friends decide to get into the travel business. Then they go travelling. A lot of the story unfolds in Darjeeling. Hari is a simple guy whose girlfriends run away because he can’t speak English. But Ria falls for Hari. Anjanda had initially offered me Ritwick’s role (Shekhar), but he changed his mind and cast me as Hari later.

Dhruv Mookherji: DR BASU

I am Dr Basu, a cardiologist from London. He is married to Tulu (Sunita) and has come to India after many years. Dr Basu loves to jabber away and would strike up a conversation even when the other person is least interested. The only person he doesn’t get along with is Dhurjati (Chanda).

Koneenica Banerjee: JUNE

Mine is a very small role but I have never played anything like this before. I am June, a very fashionable girl in a live-in relationship with Rabi (Arindam Sil). June doesn’t interact with anyone else. And everyone gossips about her. Frankly when Anjanda approached me with the role, I had no clue it was going to be this small but it’s interesting.

Sunita Sengupta: TULU

I play Tulu, an NRI married to Dhruv (Dr Basu). Both husband and wife are on a vacation in India. Tulu is a little psychic. She has a strong sixth sense and is into tarot card-reading. Her husband pampers her a lot. When Anjanda narrated the role, I found it to be very different and refreshing.


I play Rabi Chatterjee, a Casanova who lives with June (Koneenica). When Anjanda read out the script to us, everyone wanted to play Rabi. And I was under the impression that I would be asked to play the NRI doctor!

Parambrata: SANJOY

I play Sanjoy. He is the narrator of the story. Sanjoy wanted to be a journalist but starts a travel agency instead with three friends (Rudranil, Saswata and Ritwick). He is shrewd and thinks a lot before he speaks. When Anjanda offered me the role, I felt Rudranil and Saswatada had the better roles. But then he told me that Sanjoy is the backbone of Chalo Let’s Go.

Churni Ganguly: MISS GOMBHIR

I am Miss Ganguly, a very sophisticated writer. Her fellow travellers call her Miss Gombhir. But she is a very understanding woman and before anyone else realises she becomes a part of their lives. Though she seems unapproachable, she is just the opposite.... I had a big yes for Anjan when he offered me the role. We gel very well. We both did our schooling in the hills.

Saswata Chatterjee: Ashim

I play Ashim, one of the four friends who start the travel agency. Ashim is a doctor by profession but he wants to do something else. His life changes completely after the trip to Darjeeling. I believe Ashim’s is the best role in Chalo Let’s Go. The character is very dynamic. And I loved the way he changes for the better at the end. Also, he is attracted to Miss Gombhir in a very subtle way.

Bidipta Chakraborty: MADHUJA

I am Madhuja, the middle class wife of Kaushik Ganguly. She is full of Bengali idiosyncrasies. She is the type who would take care of her husband and worry about him. But she is trapped in a bad marriage and she confesses that to June (Koneenica).

Ritwick Chakraborty: SHEKHAR

I am Shekhar, one of the four friends. Shekhar makes it very big as a singer later. He is rude and always angry but very innocent. I liked this contradiction in him. There’s no love angle to this character. He is basically an ambitious guy.

Barun Chanda: Dhurjati

I play Dhurjati, a kinky professor of chemistry. But nobody knows much about him. He has a research paper to develop, which is actually a book on pornography. He is one of those types who can’t see anything good in anyone. But there is a gradual change in him. He connects with Shekhar (Ritwick) like a father. And he is secretly attracted to Miss Gombhir.