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Enabling the fashion community to showcase their design on the widest range of backdrops

ABP Digital Brand Studio   |   Published 03.10.22, 12:40 PM

Fashion has always been an aspirational idea for people, something that cannot be easily accessed. To keep this dream alive, designers need to represent their work carefully. They need the right models, the right photographers and of course, the right backdrops. This carefully crafted image needs to connect with the viewer. Only when they see themselves in the fashion story being told, they will end up making the purchase.

Backdrops play multiple roles in the creation of fashion images. They help in creating the story and capturing the attention of the viewer. Photographers can either choose backdrops that complement or contrast the garment. A complementing backdrop softens the edges while a contrasting backdrop makes every detail sharper. Even when they stay in the background, backdrops are a key part of the entire image. They help in reducing the noise and distractions from the background and bring the entire focus to the garment itself.

StudioBackdrops.com boasts of the largest collection of backdrops in the world. The fashion community is spoilt for choices when it comes to backdrops. The most basic option of seamless paper backdrops are a staple when it comes to e-commerce photoshoots. These backdrops are by the globally renowned brands Savage, Superior and Trulite of which Studiobackdrops.com is the authorized distributor in India.

Fast fashion brands like Myntra, Amazon, Ajio, Shein and others, shoot their entire catalogues on these backdrops. Some local designers and upcoming Indie brands have gone the same route. Fable Street, Amydus, Lulu & Sky, Swtantra, Theater XYZ, Pernia’s Pop-up Shop, Ekaya, Good Earth, are some brands who regularly shoot with these backdrops.

Studiobackdrops.com has also provided their backdrops to events like Lakme India Fashion Week and Lotus India Fashion Week, which are the most prestigious fashion showcases in the country.

When it comes to a brand’s fashion story, the more unique and elaborate a garment is, the more premium the backdrop that goes with it is. Designers who create truly artistic garments prefer to use artistic backdrops that do justice to their craft. They opt for Muslin backdrops that are dyed by hand using different processes and dyes to create textures that amplify the garment. Brands like Jaypore, Rare Rabbit, Truebrowns who set themselves apart from trends go for these unique backdrops.

The magnum opus of Studiobackdrops.com is their most premium collection, hand-painted canvas backdrops. Each backdrop is unique because it is masterfully painted by artists with over decades of experience. These backdrops are truly a class apart and they make the garment pop, mesmerizing the viewer. Fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Rajdeep Ranawat, Rohit Bal, who have made their mark all over the world prefer backdrops like this. These hand-painted backdrops are works of art that match perfectly with haute couture.

Fashion, photography, and backdrops are an age-old trifecta, that when combined together, have created some of the most iconic images in history. Studiobackdrops.com has been enabling and equipping the Indian fashion industry with the right tools that helps them capture their audience. As photoshoots play an integral role in fashion and backdrops are vital for photoshoots, it can be easily said that backdrops are essential when it comes to portraying fashion.


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