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My Bihar, my Chhath

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The Telegraph Online   |   Published 08.11.13, 12:00 AM

Sushant Singh Rajput

I will be busy shooting for a film in Mumbai but being a Bihari, I have great respect for Chhath. During my childhood days, I used to offer arghya to the Sun God when Chhath used to be celebrated in my village Maldiha in Purnea district. It is still celebrated in my village but because of my tight shooting schedule, I cannot make it. It used to be a lot of fun with my friends. We woke up early in the morning, kept daura on our heads and walked to the nearest ghat. This Chhath, I will pray to the Sun God to give me strength and power so that I can entertain people with my acting skills for as long as they demand. I would like to wish all Chhath devotees and urge them to celebrate with joy and peace

Manoj Tiwari
actor and singer

Like every year, I will attend the celebrations at Juhu beach organised by my friend Mohit Kamboj and will perform on stage. I will be singing Chhath songs to entertain the devotees. I have been doing stage performances every Chhath for the past 17 years and I will not miss this year too. I do not accept any other stage show and make sure to attend it at any cost. Whatever I am today is just because of the blessings of Chhatti Maiya and Suraj Devta. While singing Chhath songs, I do not mix any Bollywood numbers because for me, Chhath is a festival where we have to maintain purity. I am also thankful to my fans who come to hear me from far-flung places. Being the most respected festival of Bihar, I will request everyone to celebrate with joy and fervour

Ratan Rajput

It was the grace of Chhatti Maiya that I came out from the Bigg Boss house so that I could perform Chhath like every year. I have reached Patna and will perform it with my mother and other family members. It is the most pious festival and being a Bihari, I never miss the opportunity to celebrate it. Every year, I come to my hometown and make sure to perform with great sanctity. I love this festival and since childhood, I have been taking part. Earlier, I used to take part but now I perform it myself. For me, Chhath is the purest festival in which people are always ready to extend their help even to strangers. It breaks all obstacles of caste and religion in Bihar

Ravi Kissen

Though I do not perform Chhath because of my busy shooting schedule, I never forget to attend the celebrations. If I’m in Mumbai, I make sure to visit Juhu beach where lot of my Bihari friends perform it and take part in the rituals. Though I belong to Uttar Pradesh, I mostly visit Bihar because I am very attached towards the Bihari culture and tradition. For me, Chhath is the most pious festival for everyone who has faith in the Sun God. I think this is the only time when I meet all my Bihari friends staying in Mumbai because they never miss this opportunity. This Chhath, I will pray to bring peace and harmony in the society. There should not be any hatred and I am also a big devotee of the Sun God. His blessings will surely bring happiness in the life of every worshipper

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