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Blade in mouth, boy storms into Bollywood - Gangs of Wasseypur II gives new identity to 'Perpendicular' of Biharsharif

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AMIT BHELARI   |   Published 30.08.12, 12:00 AM

A blade just turned his childhood dream to get a Bollywood break. And, that too with style.

His was a mere 20-minute screen presence. But that was enough to earn “Perpendicular” accolades at Cannes. Of course, the journey from Biharsharif to Bollywood for Aditya Kumar was not quite smooth.

Gangs of Wasseypur II changed everything. “The Anurag Kashyap film gave me a new name; a new identity. People nowadays call me Perpendicular. I’m flooded with offers now — something I could just dream when I landed in Mumbai eight-odd years ago,” Aditya told The Telegraph.

For a village boy of being born to a small motor workshop owner Jayant Kumar in real to portraying that of gangster Sardar Khan’s son in reel is not only an achievement but a recognition of struggle also. “In 2007, I gave an audition for Anurag’s film Mumbai Cutting but it was never released because of some problems. However, he promised me to give me a role in another film in future and Perpendicular landed thus,” smiled the 23-year-old alumnus of Barry John Acting Studio — stable that also nurtured “Sardar Khan” Manoj Bajpai, Shah Rukh Khan among others.

“As soon as I finished my Class X from DAV Public School, Kumharar, I wanted to get into acting. I requested my father to allow me to join an acting school in Mumbai and the journey began. In 2009, Anurag told me that he is directing a film in which there is a role for me. He described me the character and asked me to practise,” said Aditya, who is also a former student of National Law College, Bandra.

“When, the Gangs of Wasseypur story was narrated to me, I had this impression that it will not go well with me as I was not confident of my character. But I cannot express my feelings that how much happy I am. It’s like being on top of the world,” he said.

“It took more than eight months for me to learn the skill in which Perpendicular hides the blade in his mouth and kill people with that. However, I kept a blunt blade during the shooting,” he breaks into laughter before talking about his future plans. “At present, I am flooded with too many scripts and I am unable to select the best one. These offers have come from different banners, but after working with such a great director and human being, I just want to maintain the same level,” said the humble actor.

Aditya is indebted to his parents for realising his dream career. “I must say that my parents always supported me and respected my decision. When the film was released, my father invited every relative and people in my locality to watch the film. They came all the way from Nalanda to watch Gangs of Wasseypur II in a Patna multiplex,” said Aditya.

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