Clunkton, the villain

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  • Published 9.10.05

London, Oct. 9: A children’s picture book for conservatives whose villains include Hillary Clinton and Senator Ted Kennedy has become the surprise publishing hit of the year.

Sales of Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed! have rivalled even the latest Harry Potter novel, with the book racing up the best-seller charts after it was published two weeks ago. Written by Katharine DeBrecht, a mother of three, it tells the story of two young brothers who try to make money from a lemonade stall but are thwarted at every turn by Left-wing politicians who threaten to put them out of business.

Steeped in Republican values, the book was written as an alternative to Left-leaning children’s tales.

DeBrecht, a journalist and member of the South Carolina Federation of Republican Women, says she wrote the book because she could find “nothing to teach traditional Republican values”.

Several of the characters in the book are instantly recognisable, including “Congresswoman Clunkton” who tells the boys to reduce the amount of sugar in their lemonade and forces them to add a sprig of healthy broccoli to every glass.

Other recognisable characters from American politics include Senator Kennedy as “Mayor Leach” who takes half the profits for tax and then squanders it on dustpans.

Later the boys are ordered to take down a picture of Jesus by the civil liberties lawyer Mr Fussman and eventually lose the stand when it is taken over by the government of “Liberaland”, at which point it goes broke. Their story turns out to be a dream, however, and the boys are able to pursue their free market ambitions when they wake up.

Just two days after it was published, Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed! was singled out for praise by Rush Limbaugh, the influential conservative radio show host. Sales rocketed overnight and at one point the book was second only to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the children’s list on Amazon.

It provoked a furious reaction among Democrats, with a website comparing it with Nazi propaganda and another adding DeBrecht to its weekly list of “Top 10 Conservative Idiots”. The author dismisses their complaints as “typical whining from the Left”.