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  • Published 30.01.17

Pakistan blogger

Islamabad, Jan. 29 (Reuters): Pakistani blogger Aasim Saeed who went missing earlier this month has been found but has quickly left the country fearing for his life, his family said today.

Saeed's father said his son was detained by "state agencies" while visiting Pakistan from Singapore, though he did not name which one.

Lawyer shot

Yangon (Reuters): A legal adviser for Myanmar's ruling National League for Democracy was shot dead outside the country's busiest airport on Sunday after returning from a government-led trip to Indonesia. Police have detained a suspect, but the motive was unknown so far. Ko Ni was a prominent member of Myanmar's Muslim minority.

112 let off

Lahore (Reuters): A Pakistani court acquitted 112 suspects in the 2013 torching of hundreds of Christian homes in Lahore over a rumour that one of the residents there had blasphemed, a lawyer said on Sunday.