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"I Will Not Die a Hindu...": The story behind Dr BR Ambedkar's conversion to Buddhism

On October 14, 1956 Dr Ambedkar and his wife rejected Hinduism and converted to Buddhism along with over 3,65,000 followers, not just Dalits but many upper caste Hindus.

The Telegraph Online Published 23.05.24, 01:08 PM

Why Dr Ambedkar chose Buddhism

The year was 1936. Dalit strongman and architect of the Constitution of India, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar openly declared, "I was born a Hindu untouchable. But I will not die a Hindu."

Twenty years later, just weeks before his death, Dr Ambedkar converted to Buddhism along with nearly 3,65,000 followers, not just Dalits but upper-caste Hindus. Rejecting Hinduism, they challenged the caste system that oppressed Dalits for centuries. His decision criticised by many, including Gandhi. But... Why did Dr Ambedkar convert to Buddhism? Why did he choose Buddhism over any other religion?

Video Producer: Shohini Bose
Video Editor: Rajbir Singh

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