Weight Gain
Health  /  Published 24.03.21

Heavy weight lessons from the Amazon

When children gain excess weight, the culprit is more likely to be eating too much than moving too little, according to a new study of children in Ecuador. The study compared the lifestyles, diets and...
By Gretchen Reynolds in

Health  /  Published 18.03.21

Two-week sugar free challenge

Sugar is not as sweet as you think it is! This is probably not news to you, but the higher your sugar intake, the fatter you get! And with increased body fat comes the risks of high cholesterol, type ...
By Mayukh Banerjee in

Health  /  Published 30.09.20

Zero magic

Artificial sweeteners hold the promise of satisfying your sweet tooth without the downside of excess calories, and they are increasingly used in products ranging from diet sodas and powdered drink mix...
By Anahad O’Connor in

Health  /  Published 23.09.20

Natural remedies for allergy

Q. My 5-year-old son suffers constantly from allergies. He itches all over, sneezes and wheezes. He is on antihistamines and this makes him drowsy. Also, I am afraid of the side effects of long-term m...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 13.03.19

Count your calories

How would you like to eat as much as you wish but still lose weight? You don’t need to exercise, you don’t even need to move around much. Just keep eating and you’ll lose weight. And no, I am no...
By Sujata Mukherjee in

Health  /  Published 19.11.19

Tremor in hands

Q I am 34 years old. My hands are not steady, particularly when I try to hold or lift something. I am worried that it may be due to a disease like Parkinson’s.All tremors are not due to Parkinson’...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 02.10.18

To beat pregnancy weight gain, start early

For years, maternal health experts have worried about a troubling statistic: more than half of all pregnant women in the US are overweight or obese when they conceive, putting them and their children ...
By Anahad O’Connor/NYTNS in


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