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Opinion  /  Published 18.03.21

The pandemic and the city of the future

In 1957, Isaac Asimov published The Naked Sun, a science-fiction novel about a society in which people live on isolated estates, their needs provided by robots, and they interact only by video. T...
By Paul Krugman in

Entertainment  /  Published 16.02.21

Shruti Haasan on Pitta Kathalu

Pitta Kathalu, an anthology of four Telugu shorts in which women wrest agency and power from men, drops on Netflix on February 19. Shruti Haasan frontlines the film called Xlife, a sleek sci-fi futuri...
By Priyanka Roy  in

Books  /  Published 20.11.20

The politics of science and science fiction

What follows is a long-winded socio-cultural explication of “Nehruvian science” — the framework gradually expands to include Syed Ahmed Khan, Bankim Chatterjee, Rajendralal Mitra, Ma...
By Deeptanil Ray in

Entertainment  /  Published 10.09.20

Cargo: worth a watch

Cargo is a rather strange beast (largely, in a good sort of way), and a wholly original one. Film-maker Arati Kadav fashions a mostly watchable science-fiction film that doesn’t borrow from the ...
By Priyanka Roy  in

Books  /  Published 21.08.20

The deathly glow from the windows of tombs

The brand new world and its overt dependence on cutting-edge technologies that Ray Bradbury wrote about in his stories do not seem out of place or even particularly imaginative in 2020 — that is...
By Nayantara Mazumder in


Books  /  Published 07.08.20

Catherine House: Decent, but disposable

The plot more or less falls apart when the science fiction bit appears. Plasm seems mostly to be a plot device, about as convincing as infinity stones, designed to turn a decent young kid who used to ...
By Rimi B. Chatterjee in

Odisha  /  Published 20.11.18

From scrap to Terminator model

Inspired by sci-fi films Predator and Terminator, students of multi-trade in the state government-run Industrial Training Institute (ITI) here have made two models out of waste and scrap materials of ...
By Sunil Patnaik in Berhampur

Opinion  /  Published 05.10.19

The joy of science fiction

My Kindle app is a grid of coloured icons the size of postage stamps. Each icon is a science fiction novel. Over the years, I’ve read so much SF that literary fiction sometimes seems like a niche ge...
By Mukul Kesavan in

Entertainment  /  Published 15.10.18

Jodie is just what the Doctor ordered

The first we glimpsed Whittaker was in a Christmas special in December last year when the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) burst into flames and was reincarnated, Hindu style, as the 13th. But she was flun...
By Amit Roy in

Entertainment  /  Published 04.01.19

Bumblebee is cleverly plotted and springy

Can a Transformers movie be good? It turns out the answer is yes — if the right talent is given enough leeway.The latest, Bumblebee, is the sixth in the franchise. As directed by Travis Knight, an a...
By Glenn Kenny/New York Times News Service in


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