Books  /  Published 02.07.21

Journeying with philosophers

As dusk falls, Weiner learns from Nietzsche the secret of eternal recurrence; that reaping the best fruitfulness from existence is possible by living dangerously and with no regrets. Epictetus teaches...
By Annie Kunnath

Books  /  Published 08.03.19

Fukuyama augurs apocalypse of 'identity politics'

In the early Nineties, Fukuyama shot to fame with the End of History — a doomsday text more cited than the Communist Manifesto in post-Glasnost cultural studies, seldom read. In 2001, he made a brie...
By Deeptanil Ray

Opinion  /  Published 15.11.18

Why is so little known about Walter Liebenthal?

In Germany this summer, I visited an exhibition at the University of Tübingen, devoted to the life and work of Professor Walter Liebenthal. Seventeen large panels depicted the stages of a productive ...
By Martin Kämpchen

Opinion  /  Published 01.12.19

A weary modernity: the rise of non-reason

Modernity has its origins in 17th-century Europe. It subsequently spread to other parts of the world. At present, however, it seems to be under fatigue. Understanding the nature of this lassitude is v...
By A. Raghuramaraju

India  /  Published 29.09.19

Hindutva is an assault on Hinduism: Tharoor

The political project of Hindutva is nothing less than an assault on Hinduism, but where the life-affirming religion has for millennia proved its resilience to external attacks, it is now revealing it...
By PTI in New Delhi


Opinion  /  Published 14.02.19

An aversion innocent storytelling

Mrinal Sen’s little-known Telugu film, Oka Oori Katha (The Outsiders, 1977), was ‘invented’ out of Premchand’s story, Kafan (Shroud). Sen, who died recently, took the story far away from the H...
By Vidyarthy Chatterjee

Books  /  Published 21.02.19

Mahatma Gandhi and the art of disobedience

“If India remains a great nation, it is not because of its gurus, politicians, corporate leaders or Bollywood actors, but because it is the birthplace of a disobedient Indian, who gave rise to a new...
By Abdus Samad Gayen

Jharkhand  /  Published 11.01.20

Three-day conference on tribal philosophy

A three-day international conference on tribal philosophy, the first of its kind in the state if not in the country, will begin in Ranchi on January 17. Ranendra Kumar, director of Dr Ram Dayal Munda ...
By Achintya Ganguly in Ranchi

Books  /  Published 09.09.19

Sri Ramakrishna's Divine Reality

Ayon Maharaj calls Sri Ramakrishna a glutton for spiritual experience — he had an insatiable desire to experience God in every religion and sect. Sri Ramakrishna concluded that no one who has experi...
By Pravrajika Prabuddhaprana

Books  /  Published 18.10.19

The word through flesh and sinew

The redrawing of the boundaries between body and mind by the Cartesian cogito initiated an epistemic rupture from which modern Western philosophy has still not sufficiently recovered even after four c...
By Sonia Sahoo


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