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Science Tech  /  Published 10.05.21

Tech tailored to her needs

Women represent half of the planet’s population. Yet tech companies catering to their specific health needs represent a minute share of the global tech market. In 2019, the “femtech&rdquo...
By Farah Nayeri in

Science Tech  /  Published 26.04.21

Luck and other rewards

You start with the Royal Kingdom and then progress on to the Frozen Kingdom, the Candy Kingdom and the list continues for 77 kingdoms with more being added. As part of the kingdom, you need to spend c...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in

Science Tech  /  Published 19.04.21

New wearable Covid tech

This spring, when coronavirus infections began to spike, many professional football and basketball teams in the US were already using sports performance monitoring technology from Kinexon, a company i...
By Natasha Singer in

Science Tech  /  Published 12.04.21

Relax while you design

VERDICT: Royal Match is a new entrant in a very crowded market. It has the flaws that any match 3 puzzle game would have, but it also surprises the player with the addition of some unique mechanics. S...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in

Science Tech  /  Published 05.04.21

High risk, high reward

Ronin: The Last Samurai is a unique and beautiful game that keeps you on your toes. It is not for everyone and can be quite difficult to beat at times requiring multiple attempts. However, there is a ...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in


Science Tech  /  Published 15.03.21

Ritual comes loaded with spells, health & great art

A game is as good as the challenges that it throws at you and Ritual does not disappoint. As you complete one level after the other, the enemies you encounter become tougher to defeat. Enemies with hi...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in

Science Tech  /  Published 01.03.21

Open Sesame! Ode to puzzles

There are 18 doors that you have to unlock. Ten are offered for free and you have to pay for the rest. These doors are grouped by six different themes —  factory, workshop, crime scene, anc...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in

Science Tech  /  Published 22.02.21

Fight a war, win an island

Players also need to upgrade their buildings and set up a defensive perimeter next to their island. Upgrading these buildings also increases the max level to which you can merge your troops. It also h...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in

Science Tech  /  Published 01.02.21

Tech that will invade our lives

This year, the technologies that we will most likely hear the most about won’t be fancy devices like smartphones or big-screen television sets. It will be workhorse software and Internet product...
By Brian X. Chen in

Science Tech  /  Published 28.12.20

A rail empire just for you

Pop picks Similar games we like Wilmot’s Warehouse: Wilmot’s Warehouse is a puzzle game about keeping a warehouse running in tip-top shape. Just remember where you put everything, becaus...
By Karan R. Gaikwad in


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