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Science Tech  /  Published 23.01.23

Try farming — it isn’t addictive

Tsuki’s Odyssey is a unique adventure that is great for people who want to play games but can’t find the time...
By Rajit Pimpale

Science Tech  /  Published 16.01.23

Houston, we have a problem!

In a future filled with electric cars, AM radio may be left behind...
By Michael Levenson

Science Tech  /  Published 09.01.23

Swinging saving Spiderman

Gameplay is unique: wherever you tap on screen, climber shoots grappling claw, hooks onto mountain and swings from rope trying to climb higher...
By Rajit Pimpale

Science Tech  /  Published 26.12.22

A leap of charm with Mr Frog

A Froggo Story is a relaxing 2D puzzle game. You control Froggo as he hops around on rocks and lily pads in a pond collecting lilies...
By Rajit Pimpale

Science Tech  /  Published 12.12.22

A step ahead, Oh Mario!

This game is played as a half-cat half-bird character who’s able to walk and jump like Mario, but can also glide...
By Rajit Pimpale


Science Tech  /  Published 05.12.22

Reading in the time of plenty

How to make the most of e-books and find free ones...
By J.D. Biersdorfer

Science Tech  /  Published 28.11.22

Deliver the goods, come what may

Postknight is an adorable game that boils down a full-blown RPG and delivers a bite-sized experience for mobile...
By Rajit Pimpale

Science Tech  /  Published 21.11.22

What the tech!

The Telegraph reveals the brainwaves behind some gadgets we take for granted...
By Hannah Fry

Science Tech  /  Published 18.11.22

Microsoft Teams introduces gaming

The company has added a collection of casual games to its Teams chat and calling service, encouraging users to spend more time in the app...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 07.11.22

Great game, for an average player too

The game called Really Bad Chess, which, ironically, isn’t that bad. You play against an AI but there’s a twist ...
By Rajit Pimpale


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