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News  /  Published 06.07.22

Schools in Kolkata mull exam relief for students with Covid

Several schools that have tests going on now are considering giving relaxations to students who have Covid or symptoms of the infection to discourage parents from sending their children to school for ...
By Jhinuk Mazumdar in Kolkata

News  /  Published 07.06.22

Covid numbers up in Bengal

Covid numbers in the state have crept up over the last fortnight with the daily new infections crossing 50 thrice in the last seven days. Data published by the state health department showed 53 new c...
By Subhajoy Roy in Kolkata

News  /  Published 06.05.22

Covid cases in double figures in Salt Lake, New Town

Covid cases are back in the twin townships. The state health department has started a survey to detect any spike in the number of Covid-19 cases across the state and both Salt Lake and New Town are un...
By Snehal Sengupta in Salt Lake

News  /  Published 05.05.22

Hospitals in Kolkata saddled with Covid medicines of no use

Many hospitals in Kolkata are left with huge stocks of monoclonal antibody cocktail therapy drugs for Covid and personal protective equipment (PPE) suits, which are of little use now. The cocktail of...
By Sanjay Mandal in Kolkata

News  /  Published 24.03.22

Covid tools boost critical care set-ups in Kolkata hospitals

The city has more critical care facilities now than a couple of years ago because of the money hospitals had to spend during the height of the Covid pandemic. Both government and private healthcare f...
By Sanjay Mandal in Kolkata


News  /  Published 17.03.22

Zero Covid cases in Kolkata hospitals

A number of private hospitals in Kolkata have had no Covid patients in the past week. At some of these hospitals, not a single Covid test turned out to be positive during the period, officials said. ...
By Sanjay Mandal in Kolkata

News  /  Published 09.02.22

Shorter stay for Covid beds in Kolkata hospitals helped tackle third wave

Shorter stay because of milder symptoms has seen most hospitals in Kolkata tackle the third wave of Covid infections with much less bed occupancy compared with the first two waves, said hospital offic...
By Sanjay Mandal in Kolkata

News  /  Published 07.02.22

Comorbid Covid patients to be treated in general hospitals to check death count

The number of Covid deaths in Bengal has not dropped, unlike the daily new infection count, prompting the government to plan to treat patients incidentally diagnosed with Covid at general hospitals, i...
By Subhajoy Roy in Kolkata

News  /  Published 25.01.22

Kolkatans face flood of cashless claim rejections in mild Covid cases during third wave

Many cashless insurance claims of Covid patients are being rejected during the third wave, hospitals and insurance companies said. In the first two waves, too, there were many rejections but this tim...
By Sanjay Mandal in Kolkata

News  /  Published 22.01.22

Covid patients in Kolkata seek medical help after turning critical

Clots in the lungs, sudden unconsciousness leading to a comatose stage and lung fibrosis. Several Covid patients are now coming to hospitals in Kolkata with these and other serious complications afte...
By Sanjay Mandal in Kolkata


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