Their. There. They’re.

  • Published 27.07.18

Their. There. They’re.

Google wants you to be a better writer. At its annual Cloud Next conference on Tuesday, the company announced a grammar-check feature for Google Docs, one that will be able to address even complicated errors.

Though Microsoft Word has been highlighting poor grammar since the mid-1990s, Google’s AI-powered approach is different. Instead of translating from one language to another, Google Docs will now be able to translate bad English to good English.

“To solve grammar corrections, we use a unique machine translation-based approach to recognise errors and suggest corrections on the fly. Our AI can catch several different types of corrections, from simple grammatical rules like how to use articles in a sentence (like “a” versus “an”), to more complicated grammatical concepts such as how to use subordinate clauses correctly.

Machine learning will help improve this capability over time to detect trickier grammar issues. And because it’s built natively in Docs, it’s highly secure and reliable. Grammar suggestions in Docs is available in our Early Adopter Programme,” Prabhakar Raghavan, vice-president of apps, Google Cloud, mentioned in a blog post.