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Surit Doss answers your tech queries

  • Published 10.03.19, 4:54 PM
  • Updated 10.03.19, 4:54 PM
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I keep receiving useless marketing SMSes on my mobile all day. I am not able to block them, as they do not have a phone number.

A.K. Agarwal

There is some good news for you. An updated app from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India now allows users to report telemarketing calls and unnecessary messages and stop them from bothering you.

The new TRAI DND app is available for both Apple and Android phones. First, register your mobile number in the DND (Do Not Disturb) listing using this app. It takes up to seven days for your number to be recorded in the Do Not Disturb registry. If you still receive pesky calls and messages after that you will be able to report them using this app.

The TRAI DND App will not block any SMS or calls from authentic business entities that you have subscribed to such your bank, food delivery services, Uber, Ola and the like.

Restore laptop

My Lenovo G 570 laptop with Windows 7 is not being able to come out from hibernation mode. When I try to start the computer, it gives me a “Windows Resume Loader” error.

D.N. Verma

This happens when the hibernation file gets corrupted, but there is no reason for you to worry. You are presented with two options when this error shows up.

The first is: press “continue with system resume”. If the hibernation file is all right, the computer will start up. You should select the second option, which is: “delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu”. This will delete the bad hibernation file and Windows will start loading. You will not be asked for a Windows CD.

This method will work as long as you do not have an unresponsive keyboard.

Password protect

I save all my passwords in the ColorNote app in my Samsung S8 mobile phone. How safe is it from hackers?

B. Majumdar

ColorNote is not a password manager. It will never be safe. You should get a password manager like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, or Keeper Password Manager. See which one suits you. Each one of them has a free version with some restrictions.

Google contacts

I have four Android phones, all with the same Google account. Photos clicked with the camera on one phone can be seen in the Photos app on the other phones. If I open another Google account, how do I get the contacts moved to this account?

A.K. Basu

If you do not want to see the photographs on the other phones, you will have to open separate Google accounts. Importing your contacts into the other accounts is done very easily.

On your computer, go to .com and log in with your primary account. On the left pane expand More by clicking on the arrow. Click on Export. In Export As, choose Google CSV. Save the file on your desktop or a folder of your choice. Log out from this Google account. Once again go to com and sign in with the new account and import the saved CSV file from your computer into this account. Once you sign in to your phone the contacts will automatically be transferred from the cloud.

Charging error

My Dell laptop is not charging. I get a message saying “the AC power adapter, wattage and type cannot be determined”. What should I do?

Jharna Sanyal

As a first step, turn off the laptop, remove the battery and put it back. If it still does not charge, I would suggest that you ask the Dell service centre to have a look at the laptop. The problem could be with the power adapter or the DC power input jack.