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A new hero in town

Scramble to survive. Be a hero. That's Frag: Battle Royale for you

By Karan R. Gaikwad
  • Published 31.03.19, 4:55 PM
  • Updated 31.03.19, 4:55 PM
  • 2 mins read
Frag: Battle Royale The Telegraph picture

Every other person on the bus or the train nowadays is seen playing PUBG. It has taken over every teenagers mobile phone. However if you have the itch for something fun and different in the shooting genre, Frag is a game for you.

Frag plays a lot like Guns of Boom and is adopted for the mobile shooting genre. Like most casual shooting games these days Frag has controls for moving while shooting is automatic. However there is a button for a special power that every hero can use. It is easy to understand but difficult to master.

What sets it apart from other shooting games is that it is a hero-based shooter. There are heros that you can unlock and each have special abilities and powers There are over 40 different characters to collect and master. Every hero has a unique look and purpose. In that aspect, Frag borrows some mechanics from Clash Royale where after every successful match you get a chest that gives you new heros and coins. This is a nice twist for this genre as you are constantly changing what heros you want to take in a match with you.

As a game this is a multiplayer 1v1 PvP hero shooter. Yeah, that sounds like the creators have tried to push too many things into it, but somehow everything works together. Before you get into a match, you have to make up your team of 5 from among the heros that you have unlocked. Once you are in a match, you take control of one of these heros and you can switch between them at any point in time. This makes for a unique shooting experience that has an element of strategy to it.

The strategy for the game is completely based on what heroes you have and how much you have upgraded them. You can upgrade them using cards and coins that you get after completing matches. Like Fortnight, this game also has a seasonal battle pass where based on your progress you get rewards. If you pay real money, you will get a battle pass that gives much better rewards for the same progress. As you win matches, you earn trophies and these trophies help you unlock new locations and heros. This adds to the overall variety in the game.

Another important aspect of the game are the clans and community. There is a lot of emphasis on communicating with other players and becoming a star within the game community. Once you have joined a clan, you can share your strategies and ask for help.

VERDICT: Frag is a welcome addition to the mobile shooting genre with a unique twist. Like any multiplayer game, this too suffers from server issues from time to time. It can also feel a bit pay-to-win as you can buy progress with money. However, if you want a unique shooting experience loaded with variety and strategy, Frag is a game to try. I would rate it nine out of 10. 

Game: Frag: Battle Royale by Oh BiBi

Genre: PvP action shooting game

Platforms: Android and iOS