A left hook and a right, enjoy the fight


By Karan. R. Gaikwad
  • Published 30.07.18

GAME: Boxing Star published by FourThirtyThree
GENRE: Fighting game
PLATFORM: Android, iOS 

Boxing is a sport that is not everybody's cup of tea. Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun to watch. Boxing Star gives you the opportunity to realise your dream of rising from a backyard boxer to heavyweight champion.

There have been plenty of boxing games before but Boxing Star shines because of its unique and fun controls. There is a control for movement - left and right to avoid getting hit by your opponent - and there are three basic attacks - jab by tapping, swing by swiping sideways and uppercut by swiping upwards. The game is a play between anticipating your opponent's attack and picking the most effective way to hit back, based on timing. After playing for a certain amount of time, you unlock a special move that delivers a lot of damage. Once you are knocked down, you have 10 seconds to get back up before your health reaches zero. Overall, it is a unique skill-based control system that will keep you on your toes.

There are two modes in which you can play the game. One is the story mode where you rise through the ranks, defeating increasingly powerful boxers one by one. The main draw here is the unique personalities of the opponents who range from Jose the backyard bully to Ryan the salaryman with a passion for fighting. The overall tone of the game is light-hearted, with an ample sprinkling of comedy. The art style, too, is a little cartoony. The second mode is the league system where you fight against avatars of real players to win the limited-time league. This mode tests your mettle against players from all around the world.

There are multiple ways to level up your character. Training takes time but increases your overall health. You can also get new boxing gloves and protecting gear as well as invest in different skills that improve your power and style of play. The money you earn from fights can be used to upgrade your lifestyle - new cars, new house and a cooler entourage. You can also change the look of your character by using different items that unlock throughout the game.

VERDICT: Boxing Star is a charming game. It's unique personality will win you over and it's gameplay will keep it fun. The lack of real-time multiplayer is, however, sorely missed. The number of things you have to do in the game can also be a bit overwhelming. However, if you ever had dreams of becoming a boxer, you can now live them out through this game. I would rate it eight out of 10.