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A digital ring of romance

Some of our favourite wedding apps

  • Published 29.11.19, 8:03 PM
  • Updated 29.11.19, 8:03 PM
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Apps like Spotify can be used to decide on the music for Sangeet and reception (Shutterstock)

Pantone Studio

Platform: iOS

Like the name suggests, this app is all about choosing a colour palette, which many would-be couples demand. On the app you will be able to create colour palettes for inspiration, around which you can work with the decor and fashion teams.


Platforms: iOS, Android

Wedding jitters? Instead of doing a George (remember Seinfeld?!) — by getting a cold feet about his December wedding and crying before his fiancee for a postponement — pop an app to feel calm through simple meditation routines. There are many apps out there. We like Headspace and Calm.


Platforms: iOS, Android

It’s a fantastic app that’s suited for Indian weddings. The checklist has subsets like “2 months to go”, “3 days to go” and “post wedding”. Under different subheads one can strike off things from the checklist, like make-up artist, venues, guest count and so on. Not just that, there is the option to choose from a list of caterers, make-up artists and venue options. We are not done. Post-wedding, you can review the vendors. There is more. There is a substantial library of wedding photographs, bridal make-up, bridal wear, wardrobe for grooms, decorators and so on. No wonder, the platform is attracting funding.


Platforms: iOS, Android

Of course, this one is about photographs. There is always the option of packing everything into Google Drive and then sharing the same but adding method to the madness is Eversnap. Previously known as Wedding Snap, the app allows you to create a digital wedding album (or for that matter, any kind of album you need), which you can share with your guests. This is made possible with a code that the app generates; your friends and family can also upload their photos and videos of the celebration.

Appy Couple

Platforms: iOS, Android

It’s almost impossible not to fall for e-invitations in 2019. The app allows the user to digitally send wedding invitations to guests and also keep track of all those RSVP notes. The app also looks into other areas, like events and travel plan. If you share your wedding itinerary, your guests can read the same while messaging directly. That’s helpful.


Platforms: iOS, Android

The smart app helps to keep track of expenses, transportation, travel agent, venue and videographer details. There is a task list, which begins with announcing one’s engagement to researching DJ/band to finalising the menu. It’s more like a checklist to keep things on track. When it comes to syncing details with other users, an in-app purchase needs to be made.


Platforms: iOS, Android

Decide on the music for Sangeet and reception by preparing a list on Spotify, which should have come to India long ago. Nonetheless, the music app allows lossless music… read: high quality. And you can share your Spotify list with your DJ.