Treasure hunt in BL Block

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  • Published 8.11.13

A treasure hunt organised by the BL Block Committee, Youth Wing, on Kali puja had 35 youngsters cracking riddles and chasing the answers around the block. It was finally won by the team Bazinga, comprising teenagers Soumik Nandy, Anuraag Sinha (Guddu), Abhyutthan Sinha (Chiku), Anaranya Majumdar (Rubai) and Arijit Sarkar. They recall how they bagged the treasure —

The first clue we got was “Vicky Doner-er jonmodata, shekhaney achhe amar pata” and we immediately knew where to head. The director of the film Vicky Donor, Shoojit Sircar, is a resident of our block. In fact he plays football with us and we know him well. We rushed to his house.

We knew we were correct when we found the second clue written on a piece of paper and stuck on the gate of his house. This one read: “Cha, dim, toast, alur dom, durey noy, ekhaneyi pabe kom se kom”. This had to be the tea stall opposite our park. We ran to the stall to find the owner, Badalda, poker-faced but we were confident. Other teams had also reached the stall along with us. We found the second clue on one of the tables.

This one read: “TV te chhobi neyi, shudhui ‘no signal’, ekhanei khoj kore jene nao ki haal.” This had to be the cable TV shop in the block. At every step, we were clicking a picture of the clue on our mobile phones before speeding off.

We were right again. But the next clue was tough: “Jibon bigyaner a, b, c jodi jante chao, BL Block-ey ami thaki, amay khuje nao.” Then we remembered. A resident in our block, Professor Amulya Bhushan Chakraborty is known by the unusual abbreviation of his name: ABC.

We had cracked it but we knew other teams had not. They were hovering around us trying to eavesdrop so we devised a strategy: we split up. All five of us slipped into different bylanes to confuse others who were planning to follow us. We all met at ABC’s house and bingo! We found the final clue: “Maliker naamey amar rong, treasure pete hole montro bolo: ‘Ong bong chong’.” This one had us stumped.

We wandered aimless for a few minutes before it hit us: We have a ‘Lal da’ (Rajat Mondal) in the block and his car too is red in colour. We made a dash to Lal da’s house, only to find his car missing! Then we remembered having seen Lal da in the park, so his car too must have been there.

What a colossal waste of time! The park was quite far from Lal da’s house and as we raced towards it, we prayed that the other teams had not reached before us.

We reached the park and saw the red Honda Brio parked by the pandal. The door was unlocked and inside it was our treasure, wrapped in red! We got a bounty of chocolates and a clock. At the end of the hunt, we felt proud of knowing our block and neighbours so well and for the rest of the day fancied ourselves as being the Sherlocks of BL Block.