Students bond over kho kho

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  • Published 11.08.12
Julien Day students pick up a few steps from their Spanish guests

Julien Day schools played host to a group of students from Spain, treating them to slices of the city and providing a glimpse into Indian culture.

Twelve students from Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, accompanied by a teacher, spent a month visiting all four branches of Julien Day — at Ganganagar, Howrah, Kalyani and Elgin Road.

The sport that won over the Italian students is kho kho. “We loved playing kho kho. It is fast and keeps the players active and alert,” said Javier Arranz, who trains young footballers in Italy.

The visitors in turn gave the Julien Day students a few lessons in basketball and handball.“They were great fun to be with. We played basketball, handball, hockey, kho kho and throwball with them,” said Joy Lindsell (15), a Class X student of Julien Day, Calcutta.

“Our children got to learn a lot of things from them just as they learnt from us,” said J.K. Sen, Julien Day director.

Ariadna Mignogna, who studies psychology, was impressed by the city’s warmth and compassion. “A boy selling chocolates on the road did not hesitate to give one free to a child who was crying. It was very touching,” she said.

Albert Abril enjoyed his experience at roadside barber shop. “Back in Barcelona, we go to a salon for a haircut and that’s what we get. Here, they pamper you with a a relaxing massage as well.”