Six slots for 3K cars during World Cup

Six parking lots that can accommodate more than 3,000 cars are being readied for FIFA U-17 World Cup spectators, police said.

By Snehal Sengupta
  • Published 18.09.17
An illuminated Salt Lake stadium ahead of the FIFA U-17 World Cup

Sept. 17: Six parking lots that can accommodate more than 3,000 cars are being readied for FIFA U-17 World Cup spectators, police said.

Six matches will be held at Salt Lake stadium between October 8 and 28.

Metro gives the low-down.

Where to park

Cars will be allowed to park around the stadium's five main gates.

• Gate No. 1: the first gate after crossing Hyatt Regency when entering the township from the Bypass.

• Gate No. 2: near Amul Island on Broadway.

• Gate Nos. 3 & 3A: near AMRI Hospitals on Broadway.

• Gate No. 5: near the Bypass.

The sixth one at Subhas Sarobar can accommodate 1,000 cars.

The parking lots have been positioned around the gates in such a way that nobody will have to walk more than 1km, an officer of the Bidhannagar commissionerate said.

Those entering the stadium from Gate No. 1 will have to park their cars on a plot adjacent to Tank No. 13.

Those using Gate No. 2 will have to park their vehicles in the lanes in three nearby blocks.

Police have earmarked many lanes in the IB, GD and HB blocks in Sector III for parking on match days.

People using Gate Nos. 3 and 3A will have to park their vehicles along the road adjacent to the Eastern Drainage Canal opposite Nicco Park.

For Gate No. 5, Chaulpatty Road is the designated parking slot.

Keep in mind

Salt Lake cops are banking on the Park 24X7 app to help people with parking instead of colour-coded stickers on cars.

Metro had yesterday reported about the new Android and iOS app that will help check free parking spots near one's destination and maybe even pre-book one if the space is privately owned.

It will provide real-time GPS-based information, Santosh Pandey, deputy commissioner, headquarters, Bidhannagar commissionerate, said.

A person has to register on the app by giving his/her name, address, telephone, and driving licence number.

He/she then has to enter the gate number printed on the ticket and the match date.

"Once all details are keyed in, an OTP and a QR code will be generated along with the location of the allotted parking slot," Avishek Tarafdar, the CEO of Park24x7 Technologies that developed the app, said.

No payment has to be made on match days but one has to tell the OTP or show the QR code to parking attendants.

What about those without the app? The police will give out a limited number of colour-coded stickers.