Sex symbol, ISI stamp

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  • Published 3.01.07

When Celina Jaitley, in town for the inauguration of the Health & Glow Clinic at Salkia, stepped out of her cherry-coloured Sonata, little did she know there was no beating the Howrah hullabaloo when it comes to star-gazing. Broken glass pane, camera clicks vs security cordon, the mammoth crowd awaiting a glimpse of the Janasheen girl — it was chaos spelt with a capital C.

But miss congeniality chose to brush it off as “the love and adulation” of the public. “No one — the organisers, the crowd or the security — is at fault. Don’t politicians face the same situation? Isn’t there stampede at the Kumbh Mela?” smiled Celina, all covered up in a black sari.

Minutes later, the former Miss India spoke to GoodLife about beauty, Bollywood and more.

Cosmetic call: With Celina, what you see is not what you hear. She looks all Botox and silicon but insists that nothing about her is cosmetic. “The only surgery that I had was an appendix removal as a kid. I am 100 per cent, ISI-stamped natural,” said Celina, with a cosmetic laugh.

On a more serious note, she advocated beauty through alternative medicine. “The biggest of skin problems have their answers in homeopathy and Ayurveda.”

Her prescription for beauty treatment at home: “besan-and-milk pack”.

Fitness facts: The secret behind that sexy figure —“eating right and exercise keep me fit, internally and physically. Yoga and meditation is also a must.”

Body beautiful: The Bollywood belle is hardly complaining about her ‘bombshell’ tag. “After all that crowd appreciation, should I be complaining? There is a fine line between vulgarity and sensuousness. I never try and go overboard,” she argued.

The bikini acts might have backfired at the box-office, but Celina has taken it in her stride “without any regrets”. “Today, wearing a swimsuit is not an issue. I definitely know where to draw the line. It all depends on the director you are working with and the comfort level you share.”

Career moves: “Post Janasheen it was comedy, comedy and more comedy. Currently I am looking at roles with variations. I want to do good work and restrict myself to three-four films a year,” said Celina. Forthcoming films for the sexy siren include Red with a PLU (people like us) look and Suneel Darshan’s Shaka Laka Boom Boom with a “glam” image.

New Year notes: “I do not make New Year resolutions. I take life as it comes,” signed off Celina.