Nicco Park fun-ride fall

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 3.01.10

Calcutta, Jan. 2: A woman in her 50s and a child fell off a fun-ride trolley today after it possibly jumped rails at Nicco Park in Salt Lake.

The right wrist of the woman got dislocated after she crashed into a concrete platform with her seven-year-old neighbour. The child escaped unhurt as she fell on the woman.

The incident took place around 12.40pm when the amusement park was teeming with weekend visitors.

The authorities blamed Shibani Roy, from Shibpur in Howrah, for the fall. “She was on a ride called Moon Raker. But she wasn’t holding the handle in front of her seat and lost control when the moving cage took a turn,” said P.K. Dutta, senior adviser, Nicco Park.

Shibani’s neighbour Sanat Dey alleged that she fell because of the derailment of the trolleys. “Six trolleys connected to each other move fast on the tracks, which have several turns. As we took a turn, we felt a jerk. Two of the trolleys got derailed and it was because of the jerk that my neighbour, who had my daughter Swastika in her arms, fell.”

Asked about the alleged derailment, Dutta said: “It is a possibility. But nothing serious has happened.”

The ride was stopped after the incident.