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Girl’s eyesight saved by whisker

Parents recount ordeal after bus carrying children to school toppled

By Monalisa Chaudhuri in Calcutta
  • Published 13.11.19, 2:37 AM
  • Updated 13.11.19, 2:37 AM
  • a min read
Tirtha Ganguly with his daughter Toyosmita at their home on Tuesday Bishwarup Dutta

A grievously injured father who needed six stitches on his forehead considers himself lucky because his 15-year-old daughter escaped with injuries just next to her right eye.

“Doctors said had the injury been an inch up or down, she could have lost vision in her right eye,” said Tirtha Ganguly.

He was accompanying daughter Toyosmita, a Class IX student of Holy Child Institute, on the bus that met with the accident on Monday because he had planned to pay the school fees.

“I will never forget the sight. There was a massive jerk and all passengers sitting on the left were flung to the right,” the father said.

Ganguly, a schoolteacher, suffered injuries on his head and left ear. A glass shard had pierced his left earlobe.

Toyosmita can barely see with her right eye as there is a swelling around it.

After being discharged from RG Kar hospital, where all injured were taken, the family took her to a private hospital on the Bypass.

“A neurologist and a plastic surgeon examined her and gave her some antibiotics. Luckily, her eyes have survived,” Ganguly said sitting in his Dunlop home on Tuesday.

Ganguly was sitting on a plank placed on the engine adjoining the driver’s seat, while Toyosmita was on the first seat on the right.

“The moment the bus tilted to the right, a passenger fell on me and my face was slammed against the metal of the vehicle,” Toyosmita recounted.

Ganguly called for setting up of a body to monitor the condition of vehicles that ferry school students. “As guardians, how are we supposed to know whether the vehicle has a fitness certificate or not?” Ganguly asked.