From vintage music and glam dolls to a wet 'n' wild night

Belly bomb Oomph factor Rain rage

By Pratim D. Gupta, Zeeshan Jawed
  • Published 30.08.04

Ten years of the mother of all musical haunts. Usha Uthup on a Trincas trip. Gary Lawyer in retro gear. Voila! That’s really something else — at Someplace Else, of course. It may have been quite impossible to get a toehold at the city’s favourite pub on Saturday night but even the faintest of strains of the vintage music from the veterans was worth it.

The show took off with Usha kicking up a storm of golden oldies. “It all started here in Calcutta and all in a Kanjeevaram saree,” she reminisced with elan. What followed was everything from the spirited Volare, the subdued Wonderful tonight to the sublime I love you just the way you are.

With Usha lifting everyone to a musical high, Gary had it easy — by the time the man with the “most amazing” baritone stepped up, Someplace Else was well and truly in the melting mood.

“I am more of a singer than a songwriter,” said Gary, as he set out to sing some of the biggest hits of all time — from Neil Diamond to Jim Morrison. As he belted out one classic after another, the crowd — a happy mix of regulars alongside new crawlers on the block — kept asking for more and got what they wanted.

Belly bomb

Yana, we haven’t forgotten you. Katrina, don’t worry, you are in queue. But the 17 minutes and 36 seconds that Klara — “exotic dancer from Brazil” — swivelled around on the wooden floors of Big Ben on Saturday night were, as the remix videos promise, “fully loaded”.

She appeared in Arabian attire. The discs skipped a beat. She swayed. The hearts missed at least a beat. Klara made it clear that Brazilian thighs are not just about Ronaldos and Ronaldinhos; and bending it is not just about Beckham. She scored without a drop of sweat and it was left to the audience to perspire.

ara was introduced as a belly dancer. Well, it wasn’t just her belly that was going berserk. Giving it company were shutters of the camera and flutters of the heart.

Even as her body swung to the basic beats, she kept her level head on her shoulders. The sword atop it was dead still, like most of the prying eyes present there. But as she invited some of the innocuous invitees to join her on the floor, they shied away — that’s Calcutta for you.

Through it all, Klara just kept shaking. And by the time she had finished her third dance sequence, well, the other feet had started tapping and the hands had started clapping.

And if you find more Calcuttans supporting Brazil in the next football tourney, blame it on this rage from Rio.

Oomph factor

Exotica ruled at Saturday Club as well, with Miss Malaysia Leena dropping by to up the glam quotient.

Part of the club’s endeavour to make ‘special nites’ of Saturday fever took on a phoren flavour as men vied with each other to shake a leg with the Oriental beauty. The floor turned into something of a battlefield with women confined to the sidelines.

The night kicked in as early as ten in the evening and by midnight spirits soared high and just kept going up.

DJ Feroze added his bit with chart-topping numbers but the crowd seemed rather disappointed as the lady in white left for yet another hot spot in town after what can be politely called a rather brief appearance.

Rain rage

Curvaceous babes, groovy tracks and happy rain gods make for a potent rain dance combo. We witnessed some wet and wild fun at the rain dance party at Tollygunge Club on a rather dry Saturday evening with sprinklers putting nature to shame.

DJs Obelix (Sethi) and Pre-Anjana pumped up the fervour with their brand of heady mixes hovering around Indipop, hip-hop and eventually to house as the night, presented in association with The Telegraph, progressed.

Held at the Central Green of the club, the bash turned the century-old destination into a high-voltage hub of untamed party animals out to wallow in some water fun and frolic.

Initial inhibitions gave way to some spirited footwork as the revellers plunged headlong under the shower, party clothes and all.

The floor also had a drier side for people with hydrophobic symptoms, but the place remained deserted for the better part of the night as most jostled for their share of the shower.

And when there’s rain, romance can’t be far behind… couples got more than a little comfortable with cuddles and kisses making for pretty pictures for some and unfulfilled khwahish for the others.