Facets of the Indian woman

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 27.12.03

Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre presents a national seminar on ‘Pancha Kanyas of Indian Epics’ to discuss the five aspects of the Indian woman, projected through five women who have lived through traditional Indian epics. Panelists will speak on topics related to the Pancha Kanyas — Tara, Mandodori, Ahalya, Kunti and Draupadi. The city will have the pleasure of listening to eminent scholars and academicians who will share their opinion on these facets of the Indian woman. Speakers include Dr Nrisinha Prasad Bhaduri on Panchakanyas as Mahapatakanashini with special reference to Tara and Mandodori; Dr Ratna Roy on The Five Kanyas as a means of understanding Indian Philosophy; Dr Pratibha Roy on Ahalya as a Kanya; Dr Chitra Chaturvedi on Kunti as a Kanya; Prof. Archna Sahni on Draupadi as a Kanya; and Saoli Mitra on Draupadi in my eyes.The seminar will be followed by an Odissi dance recital on the same subject, to be presented by Dr Ratna Roy and her troupe in the Guru Pankaj Charan Das style at 6 pm at Bharatiyam.

When: Today; 10 am - 4.30 pm

Where: Aikatan Complex & Bharatiyam, IA 290 Salt Lake City