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Doctors on strike ask IMA chief Santanu Sen: Which side are you on?

Junior doctors shouted 'go back' slogans when Santanu Sen went to the academic building for the meeting with junior doctors

  • Published 16.06.19, 6:25 AM
  • Updated 16.06.19, 6:25 AM
  • a min read
Santanu Sen leaves the academy building of NRS hospital on Saturday. Picture by Sanat Kr Sinha

A doctor leader was booed at by agitating junior doctors and forced to cut short what he had to say during a meeting on Saturday when he went there as the national president of the Indian Medical Association.

Junior doctors shouted “go back” slogans when Santanu Sen, who was popular at NRS Medical College and Hospital until a few weeks ago, went to the academic building for the meeting with junior doctors.

Sen had gone there to find out whether students would go to meet the chief minister or not, but had to leave the hospital following the protests.

Sen was barely allowed to speak at the meeting as junior doctors kept hurling questions at him and accused him of being there as a Trinamul MP.

A junior doctor asked: “In what capacity have you come here? As a Trinamul MP or IMA president?”

Despite telling them that he was there as an IMA representative, a junior doctor asked: “If you have come here as IMA president then why are you not at the dharna but here in the academic building.”

Sen tried to reason with the junior doctors that he was trying to find a solution to the impasse and insisted that they attend the Nabanna meeting.

The junior doctors insisted that the chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, should meet them at NRS to which Sen asked whether they could guarantee that she would not be booed at.

A group of junior doctors said she won’t be, but another group shouted them out.

Sen was not allowed to speak and junior doctors started shouting “go back” slogans forcing him to leave the premises at 12.45pm.

“There are outsiders in this meeting. Those who are instigating and giving fuel to this agitation even they will have to come to government hospitals for the treatment of their family members…They must go and meet the chief minister and bring this impasse to an end,” Sen said before leaving.