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CBI questioning of Calcutta police chief Rajeev Kumar continues

The IPS officer left the CBI office at 9.38 pm on Tuesday and has to report again on Wednesday morning

By Our Correspondent in Shillong
  • Published 13.02.19, 2:31 AM
  • Updated 13.02.19, 9:09 AM
  • a min read
The CBI office in Shillong on Tuesday night. The Telegraph picture

The examination of Calcutta police commissioner Rajeev Kumar by the CBI in the Saradha case continued for the fourth consecutive day on Tuesday, totalling over 32 hours of interrogation so far.

Kumar is being examined by the sleuths since Saturday and it is not known when he will be allowed to return to Calcutta.

The IPS officer left the CBI office at 9.38pm on Tuesday and has to report again on Wednesday morning.

On Sunday and Monday, Kumar was jointly examined with former Rajya Sabha member Kunal Ghosh.

Kumar’s examination had begun on Saturday.

The arrival of a man in monkey cap at the CBI office in the morning triggered a rumour that he could be a former Bengal police officer linked to deposit default scams.

However, sources said the man could be a CBI official.

Ghosh told the media at the Calcutta airport on Tuesday that Kumar had misused his powers. “During the course of my face-to-face interrogation with Rajeev Kumar on Sunday, names of other police officers, who were either part of the SIT (Special Investigation team) or posted at the Bidhannagar police commissionerate, came up. After coming out of the CBI office, he (Kumar) contacted the police officers, which is illegal. A probe is going on and he cannot do this,” Ghosh said.

The former MP said he had given a written complaint to the CBI before leaving Shillong on Tuesday.

Asked how he had come to know about it, Ghosh said Kumar admitted on the second day of the face-to-face interrogation that he had spoken to the police officers. “His admission was video recorded,” said Ghosh.