Thoughts of rhino on birthday

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  • Published 19.11.13

Guwahati, Nov. 18: Singer Zubeen Garg chose to celebrate his 41st birthday by taking up the cause of the one-horned rhino.

He organised a bike rally in the city today to sensitise the public on rhino poaching.

Fans in huge numbers came forward to offer their best wishes to the singer and join the procession in bikes and other vehicles.

Carrying placards and shouting slogans like “Save Rhino Save Assam”, “Stop Killing Rhinos, It’s an Order”, “Our Rhino Our Pride” and “We Love Nature”, the fans along with the singer started the procession from Assam state zoo.

Among the participants was also a former poacher-turned-environment activist.

“I always try to do something positive on my birthday. This year I chose to celebrate it by spreading awareness on rhino poaching and conservation of nature among the public. The one-horned rhino is the pride of the state and it is our duty to do all we can to conserve it. I am also glad that many people have come forward to participate in the rally,” Zubeen said.

“The slogan, Save Rhino Save Assam, is my appeal to the public to save the animal. We have lost a number of rhinos to poaching in different parts of the state. I hope that those who engage in poaching will reform themselves and instead fight to save the animal. Today, we also want to highlight the need to conserve nature,” the singer said.

The participants, too, shared their experiences of being part of the cause.

“I am glad I got to participate in the rally for the cause of the rhino. The manner in which poachers are killing the animal for its horn is alarming. But it is equally sad that many poachers are moving scot-free and are yet to be caught by police,” Anita Das, a college student, said.

“Rhino poaching has become a serious problem in our state and the public, too, should join in with the government to protect the animal. I am glad to participate in the rally that highlights this cause. This also gave me a chance to meet Zubeen,” Shivani Barman, a youngster, said.