Liquor laws and biz basics

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  • Published 19.01.07

Q: I would appreciate it if you could answer the following queries:

Where should liquor be stored in the house?

I have a beam in the living room that divides the dining from the sitting area. Does it need any corrective measures?

In which direction should wind chimes be hung? Should these be hung inside or outside the house?

The northeastern sector is missing in my flat. Please suggest a remedy.

Is it okay to have kitchens in the northeastern area?

Is it okay to have 11 fish in the aquarium that contains eight goldfish, two black goldfish and one sucker that helps to clean the water?


A: Liquor is best stored in the northwestern part of the house. This area in particular is connected with friends and hence best utilised for entertaining guests. Beams do not have any negative effect unless somebody is directly sitting or sleeping under them. You can place a low height runner underneath this beam and decorate it by displaying an attractive lamp and artefacts. This will not only beautify this area, but will also help lift the energy.

Wind chimes are best hung in the north to activate career prospects, in the west to activate children’s luck and in the northwest to stimulate luck flowing from mentors. These are always hung inside the house to stimulate the in-flowing energy. But in rare cases they are hung outside when used as corrective measures to help slow down the fast moving energy that hits the house directly.

The best way to rectify the missing northeastern corner is by installing a large mirror on the interior wall. This helps create an illusion of spa-ce, depth and extension. Secondly, place an image, a picture or painting of a deity on the eastern wall of the northeastern corner and pray by lighting a diya amidst flower petals floating in fresh water.

Normally, kitchens should not be built in the northeastern sector of the house because prayer rooms are best located there to tap the spiritual energy. But if you have no other option for relocating the kitchen, the best solution would be to place a sink and a fire stove in their respective areas. The north and northeast portion of the house signify water. The cooking stove can be placed in the east of the southeast corner of the kitchen.

The Chinese believe that having eight gold and one black gold fish is good for enhancing one’s luck and wealth. The number of fish should always add up to nine or its multiples. The number nine is believed to attract luck from heaven to earth.

Q: I started my web-based business in July 2006. I want to know how the year 2007 will be for my business. What steps should I take to enhance growth in my career and improve my financial status? My date of birth is June 30, 1979.

Ritesh Kakoty

A: Your pillars of destiny calculated from your date of birth reveal that you are a strong earth person. You will be entering into the yin fire period from February 18, which will make you work a little harder for the next four years.

From 2011 you will find a complete change in your lifestyle. This is the period when there will be a rise in your status and your efforts will get recognition. There will be an improvement in your financial status.

At present, all you need to do is surround yourself with shades of blue and green in your immediate environment. These colours could be introduced in the upholstery and stationery. Place your clients’ data and documents of the work that you have done for them in the northwestern part of your office. Remember to face north while working.

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