'Hottest' chef gets a taste of hottest jolokia - Gordon Ramsay finds Assam's chilli girl's performance for Guinness records 'unbelievable'

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By OUR BUREAU in Guwahati
  • Published 9.04.09

Jorhat/Guwahati, April 9: British celebrity Gordon Ramsay, who has served the most exquisite dishes to celebrities and the common man alike, is considered to be the “hottest” chef in the UK.

He, however, met his match when Assam served him the world-famous Naga jolokia today. One bite into a red-hot Naga jolokia was enough for him to give up any further attempt to eat the world’s hottest chilli. “It’s too hot,” was his verdict.

No wonder, Ramsay was stunned when Assam’s chilli girl Anandita Dutta Tamuly took a crack at Guinness World Records today by smearing the seeds of 25 chillies in her eyes in just a minute and then gobbling up 51 in two minutes.

“Ramsay sat as the adjudicator during Anandita’s record-making attempt at the District Library auditorium at Jorhat this afternoon,” said Assam’s very own celebrity chef, Atul Lahkar, who co-ordinated the event.

The entire proceedings, cheered on by over 600 people, was recorded by a crew from BBC’s Channel 4 which is in Assam to shoot for Ramsay’s new series on global food.

Anandita had earlier entered the Limca Book of Records by eating 60 Naga chillies — also known as bhoot jolokias — in two minutes and smearing 12 chillies in her eyes in one minute flat.

Anandita, who hails from Titabor in Jorhat district, said she has been practising to go for an entry into Guinness World Records after she entered the Limca Book of Records in 2006.

She said she had difficulty finding Naga chillies for today’s event, this being an off season. “These chillies were brought all the way from Janji Hanchora area in Sivasagar district,” she added.

She said the Guinness World Records authorities had written to her, asking her to perform her feat in front of independent observers and to get the entire event videographed.

Lahkar said since Ramsay was in the state, he planned the event to help Anandita. The Scotland-born chef was surprised at Anandita’s feat, saying it was simply “unbelievable”.

Ramsay and the Channel 4 crew arrived in Majuli today to shoot the traditional way of Mising cooking.

Gordon Ramsay, 42, hosts famous TV shows, including popular shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen. He autobiography, Humble Pie, is on the list of bestsellers. He owns over 20 restaurants spread across the UK, the US and Japan.