Monday, 30th October 2017

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Guwahati traders hail Modi return

Fancy Bazar businessmen hope for better times

By Ali Fauz Hassan in Guwahati
  • Published 24.05.19, 2:08 AM
  • Updated 24.05.19, 2:08 AM
  • a min read
Traders at Fancy Bazar in Guwahati exchange sweets on Thursday. Picture by UB Photos

Businessmen of Fancy Bazar, the city’s commercial hub, are euphoric as India’s future is in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who initiated the goods and services tax and Mudra scheme, among others.

Soon after demonetisation was implemented and GST introduced by the Centre, the traders’ community here expressed dissatisfaction over a slump in business, but on Thursday they observed Vijay Utsav.

“Demonetisation and introduction of GST were initially a problem for us but we have realised that it is good for us and the country in the long run. GST has streamlined our business operations. Now we have to pay tax only once for every transaction. The spectre of tax officials fleecing us has disappeared. Out trade has flourished and the scenario will further improve. Modiji is a hard-working and caring person. He is the best Prime Minister the country has ever seen. He has strengthened the army and the country is safe in his hands. Modiji will remain the Prime Minister for the next 15 years. Today the sensex crossed the 40,000 mark for the first time. Small businessmen are benefiting from the Mudra scheme,” said the Guwahati Potato and Onion Merchants Association’s secretary, Vinod Jain.

Echoing Jain, Anil Tharad of the Vanijya Kendra Unnayan Samiti said, “GST was a good initiative. It has simplified matters for us. Everything is more organised and we have gone digital. Every businessman here now uses computers. But I am not sure about the outcome of demonetisation. We want a safe and secure country and Modiji can ensure that.”

“We have a lot of problems like bad roads, lack of parking facilities, inadequate footbridges and garbage vats. The sewerage system should be cleaned before the floods. We hope that Queen Oja will address these issues and raise them in Parliament. The BJP has not performed as per our expectations in their previous term. We hope the next five years will be better,” he added.