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Gallery for Gandhi artefacts in Shillong

Sonia donated the artefacts and fabrics that have been part of the family to the centre, also known as Don Bosco Museum

By Our Correspondent in Shillong
  • Published 29.01.20, 12:19 AM
  • Updated 29.01.20, 12:19 AM
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Charles Pyngrope inaugurates the new gallery on Tuesday Telegraph picture

The Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures here inaugurated a gallery on northeastern artefacts, donated by the Gandhi family, on Tuesday.

All India Congress Committee chief Sonia Gandhi donated the artefacts and fabrics that have been part of the family to the centre, also known as the Don Bosco Museum. Congress legislator Charles Pyngrope inaugurated the new gallery.

While providing the artefacts, Sonia, in a letter to the centre’s director, Fr Manoj Churuliyil, said, “I am writing to convey my warm thanks and appreciation of the willingness of the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures in Shillong to accept the donation of various artefacts and fabrics that have long been part of my family’s collection.”

She noted that many of the items were gifted to Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi when they were Prime Ministers, as well as to her.

“The Don Bosco Museum houses a diverse and wonderful collection of the rich heritage of our northeastern region. I have always had a special interest in the tribal art and cultures and was fortunate to have inaugurated the centre in March 2010. I am confident that it is the rightful home for these artefacts. I know they will be cared for and hope that they enrich the experience of visitors who come to the Centre,” she added.

Pyngrope said he was privileged to inaugurate the new gallery which has been set up with the help of the objects donated by the Gandhi family. He also appreciated the progress made by the centre.

The centre is a venture of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Northeast to develop expert facilities to preserve and promote the diverse indigenous cultures of the region in particular and in communion with indigenous cultures in the world.