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Arunachal Pradesh must be prepared: Pema Khandu

State government launches exercise to define its own zones, containment plan and standard operating procedures for Covid-19

By Damien Lepcha in Itanagar
  • Published 23.05.20, 5:06 AM
  • Updated 23.05.20, 5:07 AM
  • a min read
Pema Khandu Pictures by Damien Lepcha and Henry L. Khojol

Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Pema Khandu on Friday said Arunachal Pradesh must be ready to face any eventuality taking into consideration the surge in coronavirus cases in the country, especially in neighbouring state Assam.

“It would be failure of the state government if the spread of the disease is not contained,” Khandu said while chairing a review meeting in Tawang on Covid-19 preparedness of the district.

“It is in such likelihood that the purpose of the preparedness level in the state should be on 100 per cent prevention of spread of Covid-19 infection as and when any positive case arises,” the chief minister said.

Khandu said adequate awareness must be generated to prevent spread of panic and rumours if any positive case arises. He urged the use of information, education and communication campaign (IEC) campaigns and all other means of public communication to spread awareness so that any positively identified person is not ostracised.

Speaking on the initiatives of the state government in the health sector, Khandu said National Epidemiological Surveillance of Infectious Diseases and North East Council funds will be 100 per cent used to upgrade the health sector.

He said a long-term policy for robust infrastructure and facilities for all 25 district hospitals is being rolled out with proposed allocation of Rs 350 crore. He also said 50 per cent of MLA local area development funds can now be used for fighting coronavirus.

The chief minister said the state government has also launched its exercise to define its own zones, containment plan and standard operating procedures for Covid-19, which would be completed soon.

On reviving the state’s economy, Khandu said priority will be given to agriculture and horticulture activities. He said the government will provide farmers with fencing, seeds for agri and horti crops as well provide support for marketing the farm produce.

He said the Arunachal Pradesh Marketing Agricultural Produce Market Committees have been activated in all the districts and doing a commendable job for finding markets for the farmers.

Army and central paramilitary forces stationed in the state are also a big market for the farmers, he added.