BSF seeks Bangla border guards' help

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  • Published 11.11.13

Shillong, Nov. 10: The BSF today sought assistance of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) to apprehend alleged ANVC (B) cadres who were purportedly behind the killing of two of their men on Friday morning in Meghalaya’s South West Khasi Hills district.

At a sector-level meeting of the BSF and the BGB at Bagli international border, the BSF provided at least four names of alleged ANVC (B) cadres who had a hand in shooting down Sashit Biswa and Pappu Kumar Yadav at the Kathakona BSF observation post near the Bagli area in South West Khasi Hills district which is close to South Garo Hills district and nearly 150km from here.

The two jawans were on vigil at the observation post.

The ANVC (B) had promptly denied the charges. Even today, the outfit provided the sequence of how the GNLA had allegedly killed the two BSF jawans.

BSF spokesperson Mahendra Singh said according to intelligence inputs, ANVC (B) cadres from neighbouring Bangladesh and those from the Indian side were involved in Friday’s killings.

“It was a fruitful meeting and we have given four names to the BGB. According to our inputs, one Marcus Marak, an ANVC (B) cadre from Bangladesh, and his namesake who is also from the same outfit but from the Indian side, had led the attack,” Singh said.

To a query, he said the outfit did not have any permanent camp in Bangladesh, but overground workers and sympathisers were providing shelter to the cadres at their homes across the border.

“We have identified two houses in Kathakona on the Bangladesh side where, we believe, they used to provide shelter to the ANVC (B) cadres,” Singh said.

At today’s meeting, additional director-general of BSF B.D. Sharma led the BSF team while Sector Commander (Sylhet) Kherul Bashar led the BGB delegation.

Today, the ANVC (B) sent another statement detailing how the attack on the BSF jawans was allegedly carried out by GNLA cadres.

“The GNLA cadres who attacked the BSF were dropping Ulfa militants who helped them in the South Garo Hills ambush. The plan was to drop the Ulfa cadres and receive a consignment from Bangladesh, which was intercepted by the BSF a day before,” ANVC (B) publicity secretary Doang D. Shira said in a statement.

Five policemen were shot dead by suspected GNLA militants on Tuesday in the South Garo Hills while the BSF seized a cache of arms and other items, purportedly meant for the GNLA, on Thursday night in the South Garo Hills.

“The group, which attacked the BSF, was desperate. Maybe they knew of the consignment that was being crossed over to Garo hills,” Shira said.

He also said the group took a Sumo vehicle belonging to one Amul M. Sangma of Maheshkhola in South Garo Hills, which was driven by one Sengbat of Kanai.

“Of 10 cadres, five wore camouflages to avoid being noticed, four were in formals and one in shorts. They entered a house belonging to Bindu at Rongara from where they took one boy by the name Anja Ch. Sangma,” he alleged.

On reaching Maheshkhola, Shira said the cadres got down from the Sumo and walked along the cemetery road avoiding the police outpost.

“Amul and his father-in-law were asked to escort them to Rongdanggai where they spent the night at Julius A. Marak’s house. Next morning, they moved out around 3 to Kathakona via Gilagora village,” Shira added.

He also said the cadres had drinks there and planned to attack the guards by pretending to smuggle drinks and shoot at point blank range when the guards would check the bags.

“The Nokma of Kaitakuna, Pollen M. Marak and Moti A. Marak could provide vital information. After the attack, the group moved back towards Garo hills attacking one civilian at Rantanggre village in the South Garo Hills,” Shira said.

He claimed that this information could help the investigators who were “really” involved in the attack.

“The ANVC (B) had been in that area more than a decade and never attempted such acts. The need does not arise now when we have already signed for the settlement (agreement). The attempt on the BSF was made to avenge and distract the government forces and blame our organisation. The mode of attack is very familiar,” he said.

Shira also said this information has been made public “because we do not work with police or with the government”.

“We have always talked about involvement of foreign elements with the GNLA, which we are not in favour of, and now the show of strength is just warming up. More is yet to come in Garo hills and Khasi hills. We will not share information unless the government is serious in uprooting GNLA and their patrons, who are very close to the government,” Shira added.