Bid for real-time film record

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By Staff Reporter in Guwahati
  • Published 22.06.09

Guwahati, June 22: In the 30s, Hollywood’s master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock made Rope, a film in which he used a series of 10-minute-long shots to create the “first movie shot in real time”.

Now, Assamese filmmaker Ashok Sarma is attempting to create a first in the world of filmmaking by shooting a 75-minute film in real time, that is just in 75 minutes.

The suspense genre film Premikar Sandhanat Anisha (In quest of the beloved, one night) will feature just one character and have no dialogue. Instead, it will include several scenes all shot in a single take.

An electrical engineer by profession, Sarma said, “There will be no ‘cut’ in the film once the camera rolls”.

The reason behind making a real-time film, Sarma explained, was “to prove that with technological advancement in filmmaking, it is not impossible to make a film in one shot and in real time”.

Sarma — who mainly dabbles in telefilms and TV serials — will also be seeking an entry into Guinness World Records for this “unique film”.

He said there are some instances of films being shot in the shortest possible time in India.

“For example, the entire shooting of a two-hour Malayalam film Advutam was completed in 71 minutes. The film, directed by Jayaraj, was a bilingual film shot in both Malayalam and English. In 2005, a film on euthanasia had 60 characters. However, two cameras were used to shoot the film,” he said. Sarma will use only one camera to shoot his film.

The first commercial film to be shot in the quickest time was another Malayalam film Bhagwan starring Mohanlal.

The shooting of this two-and-a-half hour film, made on a budget of Rs 2 crore with 150 characters, was completed in 12 hours. Sarma said Assam’s mobile theatre actor Pradeep Nishith, who has also acted in a few Hindi television serials and plays, will play the lone character in his film.

He plans to shoot his film in Shillong later this month.