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Water tanker relief for parched capital

Residents of Dhurwa, Morabadi, Harmu, Hindpiri, Lower Bazaar were spotted collecting water from the RMC tankers

By Raj Kumar in Ranchi
  • Published 26.04.19, 12:35 AM
  • Updated 26.04.19, 12:38 AM
  • a min read
Residents refill buckets from an RMC water tanker in Harmu, Ranchi, on Thursday. Picture by Manob Chowdhary

RMC has started delivering water on the doorstep through tankers as hand pumps are rendered useless by the depleting water table in the wake of rising temperature.

On Wednesday, residents of Dhurwa, Morabadi, Harmu, Hindpiri and Lower Bazaar were spotted collecting water from the RMC tankers.

“All the 250 hand pumps in the area are unable to bring up water. We also don’t have piped water supply in my locality. Residents are left with no option but to collect water from three mini high yield drill tube well (HYDT) and tankers,” said Basanti Lakra, councillor of Ward 3, which covers the stretch from Karam Toli to Boreye river.

Councillor of Ward 26, Arun Kumar Jha, said people had been complaining about the water crisis for the last 15 days. “I have directed RMC tankers to keep moving in my locality. Those in need can collect water from there. We face the same problem every year as we don’t have domestic water connections and the borewells fail to work during summer,” Jha said.

Municipal commissioner Manoj Kumar confirmed the development. “As many as 65 tankers of various capacities have been pressed into service for supplying water. Water is filled in the tanker from four hydrants across the city. Those having limited requirement can take water for free while those who need a lot of water for weddings and other such events will have to pay a reasonable amount,” Kumar said.

On how long this arrangement will continue, the municipal commissioner said a long- term plan was being readied.

“At present, we have 3,000 hand pumps, 150 mini HYDTs and 10 HYDTs, but underground water can’t provide long term solution. Therefore, we have planned to provide piped water with the help of drinking water and sanitation department,” he said.

Kumar said four overhead water tanks would be made functional by the end of May.

“They will supply water to Harmu and Piska More. After that, four more tanks will be made functional,” he said.