Rock 'n' roll with Ranchi boy band

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  • Published 8.11.11

“Cant let you go of the things all around me.

I love you the most, can’t let you go, day and night you are in mind…”

Mushy lyrics, foot-tapping acoustics, cool dudes with guitars. Ranchi finally has its very own Boyzone.

A five-member Ranchi-based boy band, Conflicting Resonance, released its maiden album on Saturday in the capital. Called Chance Hope Choice, it comes loaded with six soft rock numbers that are already a rage with the campus crowd.

In fact, band members Gautam Ekka, James Minz, Cosmos Toppo, Anurag Lakra and Arpit Shauq have earned quite a fan following since 2006. And now, they are hoping to make it big with Launchpad, a music reality show on a leading music channel.

Their debut album, priced at Rs 150, can be picked up from Horo Sound musical store. Around 20 copies have been snapped up in two days.

The youngsters, all in their early 20s, started jamming way back in St Xavier’s School, Doranda, where they studied. Now, Gautam and James are in St Xavier’s College, Cosmos studies in BIT (Lalpur extension), Anurag has graduated from St Xavier’s College while Arpit Shauq is an XISS student.

Gautam writes the lyrics, plays the guitar and sings, but is the first to admit that it’s a team effort. Cosmos teams up with Gautam on the guitar, while Arpit lends his vocals. James is the bassist while Anurag drums up the beats.

“It took us three years to compose the songs, as we had to take time out of our academic schedule,” said Anurag.

“Watch out for us at IIT-Kharagpur’s Springfest. We’re going to win it,” a confident Gautam said, adding they were inspired by popular bands like Los Angeles-based Junkyard and Scorpions.