More genial welcome for new VC

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  • Published 2.01.06

Ranchi, Jan. 2: S.S. Kushwaha became the vice-chancellor of Ranchi University amid great hullabaloo, a bevy of protests and lockouts.

Unlike his predecessor, A.A. Khan simply walked a few steps beyond his previous room to enter his prestigious chamber as the new VC of Ranchi University.

The former pro vice-chancellor, who has been appointed as the new VC, entered his new chamber with a host of the teachers, non-teaching staff and students congratulating him.

He entered the university office exactly at 10.30 am, apparently in his effort to make the others follow suit.

For two hours, former pro vice-chancellor?s chamber remained chock-a-block with visitors calling on to congratulate him. Unlike Kushwaha, it was Khan, who mostly addressed the visitors on their arrival.

The delegations of visitors included postgraduate heads, principals of city colleges, leaders of the Ranchi University Non-teaching Employees Association, Jharkhand State University and Colleges Employees? Federation.

A couple of student leaders also called on the new VC. They sat with Khan over matters of curriculum, classes and of corse, politics.

The new vice-chancellor was soon quizzed on his development plans for the RU. Khan was heard telling the students that he would like to hold the students? polls in couple of months. The delegation apparently welcomed the gesture.

After spending hours in his chamber, Khan presided over a meeting of non-teaching staff in the Senate Hall.

Speaking at the meeting, Khan mentioned Albert Einstein as his inspiration in life. He claimed that he had got the inspiration of becoming a university chief because of his love for physics and Einstein. ?The subject has given me strength to understand the world and its problems,? he said. After spending an hour with the non-teaching staff, Khan left for the PG Centre on Morabadi campus.

Pro vice-chancellor Salil Roy, who has been transferred from Vinoba Bhave University, (Hazaribagh) also took charge today.