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By Dr CV Bhirmanandham, vice-president, MCI executive committee, on seat slash notices AS TOLD TO CHHANDOSREE
  • Published 4.08.14

TT: Why does the MCI recommend seat slash in medical colleges?

CVB: If the college management fails to abide by the core criteria prescribed by MCI, we recommend a seat slash. With poor infrastructure, a college can’t impart quality education. MCI guidelines are for the greater benefit of would-be doctors and society

The best and worst medical college in our state?

MCI does not rate colleges. All colleges are same as long as they abide by guidelines. We do not talk about best or worst

Recently, the MCI scrapped MBBS seats of several medical colleges across India.

Yes, 381 institutes

Were the colleges given prior notices to improve the situation?

Ample time and reminders to improve

Are these seat slash notices only for government colleges?

No, private institutes too. But, naturally, respective governments are responsible for state-run colleges

Aspects you examined?

Infrastructure, human resource and their competence, patient footfall, diseases dealt with, associated hospitals, etc.

Findings in Jharkhand?

The institutes were not abiding by MCI regulations

But admission procedures have already started and many youngsters — 101 in RIMS, Ranchi, and 72 in PMCH, Dhanbad, have enrolled.

Any decision that the MCI takes on slashing of seats is for the greater benefit of would-be doctors. MCI must be very strict because the institutes concerned produce doctors dealing with human life

What about their careers now?

Well, all doors have still not closed. We have recently allowed four government colleges to continue with seats with a written undertaking from the health secretary to improve the institutes as per MCI guidelines

How will you check if institutes have improved?

My answer here is relevant only for the colleges that have been given permission. We give time-bound permissions, for a year only. Within this timeframe, the MCI team conducts surprise inspections