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Khortha demand for language teachers

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  • Published 22.11.11

Ranchi, Nov. 21: The Arjun Munda government may have granted second official language status to five and four regional tongues but their cries for due rights are yet to die down with Khortha speakers demanding state assistance to ensure their growth.

The language bill passed by the Assembly in its monsoon session had accorded second official language status to Santhali, Ho, Kurukh, Mundari, Kharia, Nagpuri, Panchpargania, Khortha and Kurmali.

However, Sujit Kumar Suman, the secretary of Khortha Sahitya Sanskriti Parishad, asked, “What has a poor tribal gained if his mother tongue has become the second official language?”

He argued, “For example, Khortha is one of the topmost spoken languages in Jharkhand, but there is no teacher in most schools and colleges. In fact, the posts of Khortha teachers have not yet been sanctioned. There is no aid from the government for the publication of textbooks and framing syllabi.”

He also demanded that the minimum qualification for the appointment of teachers of tribal languages be relaxed, since most varsities in Jharkhand did not offer any degree courses based on the tongues.

At present, a BEd degree is compulsory for securing a teacher’s job even in upgraded middle schools.

“Khortha is not taught at Neelambar-Peetambar, Sido-Kanhu Murmu and Vinoba Bhave universities. In Ranchi University too, Khortha teachers are working for the several years without getting paid at all. How can this language have adequate number of trained graduates for teacher’s post?” he questioned.

Among other demands of the parishad are introduction of tribal languages in Kasturba Gandhi, Kendriya and Navodaya vidyalayas and due honour to literary activists.