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Invoking Tata to fight evil

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  • Published 5.11.06

Jamshedpur, Nov. 5: The chief justice of Jharkhand High Court, Justice Muthusamy Karpagavinayagam, today invoked the name of J.N. Tata in his bid for a “corruption-free judiciary”.

Addressing a programme organised by the state chapter of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, the chief justice said: “Always be ambitious in life and work towards perfection, for which Tata stands. If we look at every word in Tata, T stands for Target, A for Action, T for Tolerance and A for achievement. This is the real mantra for success in any sphere of life.”

Delivering an hour’s lecture on “duty, service and humanity” at the Michael John auditorium this morning, the chief justice left the about-1,000 spectators spellbound with his experiences.

At the same time, his message for a corruption-free and transparent judiciary in the state was clear. And his crusade seems to be bearing fruit.

“Some judicial staff involved in trivial corrupt practices have started feeling the heat of the chief justice’s presence,” said an officer on condition of anonymity.