Festive fervour reaches Fiji, Mauritius

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  • Published 23.10.09

Ranchi, Oct. 23: So what if they live thousands of miles away and cannot come home for Chhath? Now, anything they need to celebrate no matter where they are is virtually available at their doorsteps.

Akhil Vishwa Bhojpuri Vikas Manch, Jharkhand, has despatched puja paraphernalia to Chhathvratis in places like Mauritius, Fiji, Surinam, Trinidad and Netherlands so that they can perform rituals like nahay-khaye, kharna, first and second arghya.

The items sent include rori (red vermilion), coconut, sacred threads, earthen pots and bamboo baskets.

“When I went to Mauritius for a conference last month, a number of Bhojpuri families requested me to send puja paraphernalia. The items were sent through courier a week ago,” B.N. Tiwary, president of Akhil Vishwa Bhojpuri Vikas Manch, said. He added that the newly-formed Indian Social Club in Mauritius, Fiji and Surinam had around 100 members celebrating Chhath.

Members of the association are also sending greetings to overseas Chhathvratis through the portal www.bidesia.co.in. “We have plans to despatch Chhath prasad for free once the festival gets over, that is after Sunday. Only dry items like coconut and thekua will be sent in small boxes,” Tiwary added.

According to the manch, there are around 100 Bhojpuri families in Mauritius while the figure in Surinam is 50.