Fame comes after 32 hours - ?singing marathon? ticket to guinness

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By R. KRISHNA DAS in Raipur
  • Published 18.09.05

Raipur, Sept. 18: A Shakespearean character had said if music be the food of life, play on.

And if one can play it on without a break for 32 hours, as Durg-Bhilai Lifecraft did in the ?Singing Marathon? in Chhattisgarh, one can also find a hallowed place in Guinness World Records, as they did.

They broke the record of 22 hours of continuous singing by Ottawa?s (Canada) Merman Youth Choir Group. On February 5 this year, the ?Singing Marathon? started at Kala Mandir, Bhilai at 2 pm. By 12 noon the next day, history was created in the steel city, when the troop broke the old record of the Merman group.

They, however, did not stop once the record was broken. The troupe continued with the programme till 10 pm. The formal confirmation came earlier this week.

?We decided to create a record with a big difference, so that it cannot be broken soon and easily,? Ujjwal Patni, chief organiser of the programme told The Telegraph.

He said this is the first feat in the field of music in the World Records from India. The troop, led by renowned singer and instrument player Prabhanjay Chaturvedi had in an earlier performance in November last year sung bhajans for 30 hours continuously. But since the programme was not official, the entry could not be considered for the World Records.

On February 5, the team staged the show and broke its own record. The attested copy of the video recording was sent to the Guinness Records, which endorsed the feat and included it in its record.

This is the second feat from Chhattisgarh to make it to the Guinness Records in the last three months.

Earlier in July, 22-year-old history postgraduate Radheshyam Patel made it to the record books by breaking 22 eggs with his wrist in 30 seconds. Radheshyam, who demonstrated the feat in Chennai on March 8, 2005, competed and bettered the previous feat of breaking 13 eggs in 30 seconds, by K.S. Raghavendra of Bangalore.